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Phone conversation I had today:

Me: I have a really weird question.
Guy: You can’t ask me anything I haven’t already been asked before.
Me: . . . Okay. I need a horse ankle.
Guy: Do you need the whole leg?
Me: No, just the ankle.
Guy: Well, from the hoof up, how much do you want?
Me: Just the ankle. I don’t need the hoof. I don’t need the part above the hoof. I need the part above that where it turns out at an angle—
Guy: I’ll just pop it off under the knee and give you a couple feet.
Me: Um. Okay.
Guy: When do you wanna come?
Me: Well, when you have . . . horse legs available.
Guy: Oh, I get them every other day. Availability’s not a problem. Just your schedule.
Me: Okay, how about some time next week?
Guy: Sure. I just do it in the truck outside my house, so you’d just be coming over here. I charge around $20 to pop ‘em off.
Me: Okay . . . I’ll have to check my schedule.
Guy: Alright. What’s your name?
Me: Joy.
Guy: Well, I’m Bud.

Of course you’re Bud. Of course you are.

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Date: 2011-02-01 05:21 am (UTC)
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I really should be doing my homework, but I couldn't resist. Horse ankles, Joy? Do I want to know? Of course I want to know. I will, however, assume that it is novel related because otherwise there are flashbacks to The Godfather in a weird and not so good way because, well, what beats a horse's head. NOT that I'm encouraging you in any way to mete out vengeance or warning of approaching vengeance in that particular way.




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