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I’ve always loved the fantasy genre. When I was younger, I had two major problems with it:
-It was sort of looked down upon. I saw fantasy/sci fi authors writing about it themselves, that it was not a “respected” genre, and the flack the writers receive for not being “literary” or “serious”. Mostly I didn’t like this because my sophomore English teacher told my mom she wished I’d read higher brow novels instead of reading Dune.
-When I was around 6-12 years old, I could never find anything aimed at me I wanted to read. I liked the fantasy novels, but they were some hard reading for a 9 year old sometimes. There was A Wrinkle In Time and Narnia and some others, but finding things was hard work!

I feel like all of that is different now. And I feel like the number one cause or effect is named Harry Potter.

amiright? )


Jan. 10th, 2011 03:43 pm
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What are people's thoughts on making a fanfic into an original work of fiction and attempting to do something professional with it?

For instance, if you took a Wolverine/Rogue fic you wrote, took away their super powers, gave them different names and different histories, but otherwise kept what words you could of the fic you had written intact?

What if that fic was already posted? Would that mean taking the fic down, or locking it, would removing people's access to the fanfic be reprehensible, would it be in violation of some kind of copyright if the professional thing you were trying to do with it demanded that the work be previously unpublished? What if your fic is on someone else's archive? Do you ask that to be taken down too?

I feel like some people will answer that one should just try to write something new instead of recycling a fanfic for a professional purpose, but I have one or two things that I have posted that . . . were more just using characters in order to say something for me, rather than using something for me to say something about the characters, if that makes sense.

All thoughts and opinions welcome.
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The nature of reality trips me up a lot, to the point where sometimes I can’t say stuff because I’m confused about what’s real or not. So I figured I’d say stuff about the nature of reality. This is kind of teenage existential angst stuff, the stuff I was worrying about when I was sixteen, the kind of stuff I think you’re supposed to get over by now, unless you take up a career in philosophy, religion, or theoretical physics.

I’m aware the fact that I sit around contemplating the universe probably comes off pretentious. I’m also aware that other people before me have done so better and already thought of (and probably have specific jargon for) all the things I’m saying.

Mostly I must just like to hear myself talk. I love words and I love writing and I love saying things and things being said. So I do also love to discuss, so I have a request for trippy existential books and discussion of trippy existential books at the end. You can skip to that part if you want. Or just not read at all. I won’t be hurt!

Existential angst. )
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About ten years ago, when I was sixteen, I was spending a significant portion every day looking for an objective morality. I didn’t feel I could definitively tell right from wrong. It bothered me, so I thought that I could find a “platform” from which to view the world, I could determine the difference in any situation. I spent a lot of time thinking and writing about it.

Later I found out what philosophy and religion were about.

That’s my best example of having Things To Say about something, then realizing Things had already been said. Finding out you’ve been chipping away at a question that is pretty much the central theme of all abstract thought in the history of the world can be kind of a downer, actually. Gets to be even more of a downer when you realize that people have always been chipping away at all the questions you’ll ever think to ask, and they’ve chipped deeper than you’re going to.

It makes you wonder, what’s the point? Are you unwilling to speak unless to say something that will impress the whole room? )

So, do you feel the intimidation thing? On LJ? In writing? In real life? How do you get past it? Do you think about someone who inspires you, or does that make it worse? Who/what is it that intimidates you? What do you want to do with your life, anyway?
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Since I haven't been posting much these days, I don't know how it's happening, but new people keep popping up on the ole flist. So, hi! And I figure it was about time I did one of these.

Tell me about yourself! You can answer the questions, or some of the questions, or none, but tell me something. Even the people who've been here for ages, I'd love you to answer too, or tell me what you're doing these days. Like I said, haven't been all that active in ljland lately, so it'd be nice to hear from everybody. You're also welcome to reply even if you only lurk. I am friendly and only bite if you ask.

So tell me about yourself... )


Dec. 15th, 2007 09:05 pm
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Is "Suffering Man's Charity" on dvd?

To my surprise, when I told who the actors were, and gave a short description of the movie supplemented by [livejournal.com profile] a2zmom's report on this matter of great import, the Darogas both went, "YES WE NEED TO BE SEEING THAT."

This is why I <3 them.
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This actually has nothing to do with the recent drama.

I have a confession to make. I'm a genius. But I'm really tragically stupid also.


In other news, The Sound of Music in Sparta. (link courtesy [livejournal.com profile] imnotacommittee.)
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So, I don't normally watch these shows, but people on my flist talk about them, and for once I was free on a Thursday evening, so I thought, hell, why not. So I watched them, but because I don't know all the history and stuff, I had a couple questions about them.

Smallville )


Supernatural )
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Questions about how you use your lj and stuff )

Quintessential Vid Recs

So, I had these dl'ing problems and these soundcard problems and all kinds of other computer problems, but now those problems are gone. Except for the fact that I'm technologically illiterate and will never know what I am doing when it comes to these things. The point of the sad story is that I've never really watched fanvids before, and now I can. So, I'm wondering: What are your quintessential vid recs? What's the one that you think everyone should see, either because everyone talks about it the most, or because you love it the best? What's the defining fanvid of your 'ship, your character, your moment of truth? What's your canon fanon, vid-style? If you can, link please, because I suck at the whole . . . finding things.
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It's been a while, but it's the first of the month, and I have more questions.

Do you think Spike's duster looks like it fits him? )
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So, since it's a holiday, I'm reducing my normal fare to two questions.

Does Spike's head look like a Ken doll to anyone else? )
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I have questions. You have answers.

You = Radio Shack )

That's all I got.

Happy unHalloween. It poured here. I was so sad for the munchkins. Except for the seven year old with the purple velvet hat who claimed to be dressed up as Pimp Daddy. Pimp Daddy had no need of my pity. I gave him lots of Reese's.


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