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In light of a certain (admittedly awesome!) fic that I can't get three posts through my flist without seeing recced, I've been wondering about fandom experience.

[livejournal.com profile] marguerite_26 cleared some things up for me by explaining that Merlin has an anon meme and a lot of shit goes down there. Of course, practically every fandom has or has had an anon meme, but in some fandoms, it's going to be part of your fandom experience. In other fandoms, not so much. She also mentioned at one point that HP, for instance, is a fandom that has a very high quotient of fests, and a lot is based around fests. When Star Trek reboot came out, the reboot fandom was centered on a kink meme (I have no idea what it's doing now).

I always think of BtVS fandom as a little town formed after an exodus from huge cities which now lie in ruins. Some people still live in the cities, but most of the people in the town know each other, even if we don't talk to those people over there. Enterprising souls gather news from all parts of town and bnfs still go on hunts at times for Fresh Blood. And most of the people in the town have actually moved out anyway and are keeping them as summer homes.

Anywho, what I'd like to know now is what your fandom experience is, and also how your fandom works. Would you consider it based on comms, memes, fests, a couple bnfs? Where does it happen? Why does it happen? Are there community pockets? Types who don't talk to each other? Wars between factions? What's it like moving into your fandom; are you on the periphery, did you found it, is it an uphill battle all the way? Does everyone go to cons; does everyone know each other; do you know everyone else? Are you confused about where your fandom happens, and you feel like you're always trying to figure it out?

I had this whole vision of there being a comment with the name of your fandom and then everyone replies to that comment with their fandom experience. Of course it's probably not going to work out that way, but I'm going to comment with HP, Buffyverse, SPN, and Merlin just to get things rolling. Please feel free to comment with your fandom, any fandom, just comment and reply.


Jan. 10th, 2011 03:43 pm
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What are people's thoughts on making a fanfic into an original work of fiction and attempting to do something professional with it?

For instance, if you took a Wolverine/Rogue fic you wrote, took away their super powers, gave them different names and different histories, but otherwise kept what words you could of the fic you had written intact?

What if that fic was already posted? Would that mean taking the fic down, or locking it, would removing people's access to the fanfic be reprehensible, would it be in violation of some kind of copyright if the professional thing you were trying to do with it demanded that the work be previously unpublished? What if your fic is on someone else's archive? Do you ask that to be taken down too?

I feel like some people will answer that one should just try to write something new instead of recycling a fanfic for a professional purpose, but I have one or two things that I have posted that . . . were more just using characters in order to say something for me, rather than using something for me to say something about the characters, if that makes sense.

All thoughts and opinions welcome.
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This actually has nothing to do with the recent drama.

I have a confession to make. I'm a genius. But I'm really tragically stupid also.


In other news, The Sound of Music in Sparta. (link courtesy [livejournal.com profile] imnotacommittee.)
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It's been a while, but it's the first of the month, and I have more questions.

Do you think Spike's duster looks like it fits him? )
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So, since it's a holiday, I'm reducing my normal fare to two questions.

Does Spike's head look like a Ken doll to anyone else? )
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Usually I don't ask questions in public settings. I'm shy and also very arrogant; I like to think I know stuff or can find out on my own. But these things have been bothering me, and while I think a few things might be answered by digging through people's old entries or some FAQs, I'd love some answers (and opinions. Some are about opinions. Not the one about Buffy's natural tufted treasure, though. That has to be fact).

Everything I've wanted to know but've been too afraid to ask... )


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