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I'm low and sick and depressed and I've failed at everything else, so I started posting fanfic. Here you go:

Sincerely, Your Pal

It's Steve/Bucky epistolary fic. It's a work in progress with extremely short chapters as they're delineated by the letters. I've written about 13,000 words, which will probably split to a little over 20 chapters, but there will probably be 30-40 chapters at least. I can't decide whether the second part, which is current day Steve/Bucky emailing, is the same fic or a sequel, so that's a whole other kettle of fish. I guess I didn't want to have to decide so I just posted.

Anyway epistolary fiction is like crack to me, but I can't tell if I just gravitate towards things that are difficult and obscure. Oh well!

I'm sorry to everybody I haven't replied to lately. I will; I'm just slow at everything.

Thank you!

Jan. 10th, 2015 03:37 pm
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I wrote a Harry/Draco fic for [livejournal.com profile] hd_erised. The mods were nice and everyone who responded was nice, and it was nice writing for my requester and my gift was extra nice! So thanks, everyone.

I wanted to thank [livejournal.com profile] icmezzo. She beta'ed my 120,000 words of fic in about four days. And probably she only took that long because I sent it to her in pieces out of order, not all at once. But that's not even what makes me so particularly grateful. It's the fact that like a day before my absolutely final extension due date, I freaked out and she held my hand and encouraged me and went over the entire piece again with a beautiful, beautiful highlighter of excess wordage. Those who know me know that I have a terrible problem with excessive verbosity and it was wonderful to have someone help me. I actually ended up fairly happy with the fic which tends to be rare with my H/D fic. So yay!

In other news, hi!
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Title: They Grew Up Young
Fandom: Gotham (TV)
Rating: PG-13
Length: around 5,000 words
Characters: Bruce Wayne and Gordon, a little Alfred, Cat on the periphery
Warnings/additional tags: this is gen, but there are sexual overtones that involve an underaged person. There is nothing explicit, and I assume you could read it and not see any of that, but I put it there purposely, so there you go.
Summary: Snapshots of Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne as they get older. Bruce fucks up a lot and Gordon wonders what the hell to do about it.

Link: They Grew Up Young

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I actually really enjoyed X-men: Days of Future Past, which is interesting to me because I really disliked First Class. But it should be stated for the record that Erik/Charles was basically my first ever slash pairing, maybe after Emerson/Thoreau RPS and Sirius/Remus. But in spoilery news:

The one thing I wish was different in Days of Future Past )
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So I'm a lying liar who lies. I found myself not able to talk about porn on my personal Twitter, so I made a fandom Twitter account. If you want fannish stuff and you followed my personal account, you can unfollow the personal one and follow ilettered, and I'll follow you back. Sorry, I thought I could make all my lives one but it just proved too difficult.



Aug. 19th, 2014 10:20 pm
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I've had this sitting on my computer for months. I realized I was never going to finish it and that it works as a stand alone, so I posted it: Five Times Steve Rogers Almost Got Beat Up, about the first five times Steve and Bucky met.

I wish there was somewhere I could post all my unfinished fic where I wouldn't feel like I was being, idk, rude for posting unfinished fic. People get so het up about reading unfinished fic and I don't want people to feel like they got short-changed. I just want to get it off my chest. Idk maybe I could post it here, since fewer people read fic on journaling sites these days.
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Hello Earth Productions is proud to announce its fourth episode, "Mirror, Mirror," in its Outdoor Trek performance series. Performances will be Saturdays at 7pm and Sundays at 2pm in Dr. Blanche Lavizzo Park’s amphitheater (in the Central District, Seattle) on the weekends of July 19-20, July 26-27, and August 2-3. The classic episode has the crew of the Enterprise transporting to a mirror universe in which their counterparts are brutal and savage. The show is free and open to the public.

Outdoor Trek is a community project which celebrates the diversity of the original series, while at the same time adapting it to the 21st century, outdoor theater, and community. The inspiration is half sci-fi, half Shakespeare. Shakespeare in the park is a well-loved tradition, offering free theater, a social gathering in the sunshine, and a familiar, classic story. Hello Earth presents a new classic, just as beloved, only this time in outer space.

Hello Earth Productions produced the Star Trek episode “The Naked Time” in 2010, “This Side of Paradise” in 2011, and "The Devil In The Dark," in 2013. The company happily accepts donations during the performances, but there is no charge. It is recommended for spectators to bring cushions, as the amphitheater seating is concrete. You can learn more at www.helloearthproductions.org or on Twitter at @hello_earth.

email hack

Apr. 27th, 2014 09:58 pm
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I don't know what to do. People keep getting spam emails from me. I changed my password, which didn't help. Advice?
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Hey so did you guys ever notice that in the Captain America vid The War Was In Color, on the line, "let's start at the end", on the word "start" it shows them stamping 4F on Steve's form and then on the word "end" it shows 1A

and the 1A is the A on Stark Tower?

Yeah I never noticed that either.

*okay after the Doctor Who No Handlebars but srsly guys. This vid.
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No seriously guys, Peggy.

I really loved Cap 2! Some day I will write my thoughts on it. But tonight [personal profile] my_daroga and I were wanting more Avengers-related things, so we finally watched some of the extras on IM3. I didn't know there was a short. About Peggy. A short about Peggy.

I wanted to like Peggy. And I did! I thought she was cool. But basically before this short there just wasn't quite enough for me to be interested in. I mean, I like that she was tough and I liked that she liked Steve, but that was basically all I got from Cap 1? And then Cap 2 spoilers spoilers spoilers. But anyway, I wanted to like her, but mostly felt kind of indifferent.

Now, however, I am in love with Peggy Carter, and here are two fics I want to write but also wish were written so I could read them. )
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Okay so I wrote this fic. It was really hard, because it was more plotty than most things I write. I'm pretty happy with the result, but I kind of wonder whether it was off-putting to some. Lots of people hate my summaries, so I tried a different kind of summary with this one. I feel like it just made the story look boring, so I have now changed it to a summary that makes me want to click on the fic, instead of trying to write the summary I thought other people wanted. I never really know what to do with summaries, so I figure I should have just tried to make myself happy!

Anyway, this story was stressful but I'm really happy with it, and thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kedavranox for her original story and [livejournal.com profile] icmezzo for all her help!

Author/Artist: lettered
Title: The Fall of the Veils
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: R
Warnings/Content: Draco is asexual. Harry has a noncanonical power. A lot of minor character deaths occur in the backstory. There are OCs.
Summary: Muggles find out about wizards. This makes Harry feel bad. Draco doesn't love Harry back. This makes Harry feel sad. Then there's conspiracy and intrigue and working together and Legilimency and murder and adventure and suspicion and magical things, and all of this makes Harry feel mad. So this fic is about Harry feeling all the feelings, and then everyone else feels feelings too. Even Draco. (Remix of “Ellhorn,” by [livejournal.com profile] kedavranox.)
Word Count: ~62,000
Disclaimer: Characters from the Harry Potter series belong to JK Rowling. An important part of this story is based on “Ellhorn,” by [livejournal.com profile] kedavranox. In some ways this story is also a remix of Mercedes Lackey’s novel, Arrow’s Flight.
Author's notes: [livejournal.com profile] kedavranox, I don’t think this is what you meant by a remix of what happens before your fic! But as I thought about your wonderful story “Ellhorn” more and more, I focused on the line about Harry’s mind and who his captors were. The story spun out (of control!) from there, managing to pull together several ideas I’d always wanted to write. I’m sorry that the background for your short story turned into such a long piece, but thank you for letting me imagine a world behind your fic.

An impossible amount of gratitude to [livejournal.com profile] icmezzo for listening to my idea, encouraging me, and beta’ing. And inspiring a scene and giving me ideas! I’m really glad I met you. I can’t even begin to describe what all your help means to me.

The Fall of the Veils

Cap 2

Apr. 4th, 2014 01:51 am
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I can't even deal with this movie. Seriously I can't even. I can nothing. I have no can.

Please tell me all your thoughts. Spoilers in the comments (hopefully!). Please come talk to meeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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Guys so I have this problem. I'm super excited about The Winter Soldier. And the problem is that my hopes are so high by my expectations are quite low. I really just want Steve and Natasha to be forever-bros; is it too much to ask; I guess it is, but it's all I want. And he tries to be all nice to her but she just looks at him a lot and tightens her mouth and doesn't say anything. And he guesses it's because she's Russian or something but he does stuff like invite her out for coffee and the thing is she says yes. He tries to make conversation but she doesn't say much, but she does drink all of her coffee, and kind of licks the rim a bit. And then he just wants to feed her and give her warm places to sleep, but he knew if he said that to her she'd look at him like he was crazy and he guesses he's just old-fashioned. And then the coffee shop is attacked and she knocks over the table to get behind it as a shield, but then when she sees her opening she steps on the edge of the table and then onto Steve's back because he's already bending over so she can use him as a stepping stool to jump on these guys and she tackles them. And when Steve and Natasha are done Steve gives her a hand up and then he says, "You have some . . ." and points at the corner of his mouth and she wipes the blood away with the back of her hand.

And then Steve pays for the coffee.

That's really all I want; is it too much to ask?
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A while ago I decided we should do something with our bar. Like maybe mod podge it with a bunch of comics. And then [personal profile] my_daroga said that it should be the Avengers room. So we decided the dining tables should have four different chairs, and that each chair should represent an Avenger. Then [personal profile] my_daroga pointed out we have two bar stools who could be Hawkeye and Black Widow. Then I pointed out that the dining table should obviously have the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo. This story might only be based on a true story. It could be that all the things I said I thought up were thought up by [personal profile] my_daroga and all the things I said [personal profile] my_daroga thought up were thought up by me. Who actually knows at this point.

So we went to Good Will and bought four distinct chairs that we felt represented Avengers. They needed some work, which we thought would be a fun, cool project. Periodically we looked at them and talked about what we should do with them. And then we'd look at them some more and talk about it some more. Every once in a while [personal profile] my_daroga would say, "So . . . when do you wanna work on those chairs?" And I'd say, ". . . Some other time."

Meet my mom, the craziest mom on the planet. Guys, my mom is a famous artist whose ceramics show at a bunch of fancy galliers and the Houston Intercontinental Airport and win thousands of dollars all the time and stuff. But the thing about my mom is that everything she makes could win awards. She's a fabulous painter, cook, seamstress, carpenter, handyman, and . . . everything. I mean, she'll do things like decide the island in the kitchen needs a new top. So she'll make the tiles. Then she'll tile it. Then she'll soak the wood to bend it around the rim and affix the wood and finish the wood. She'll take about three days, but only because it took three days with the wood tied to the dock to get it bendy enough. So anyway she's kind of nuts.

Mom gets here for her 10 day visit (she lives in Houston so I only see her a couple times a year) and says, "Well, this Avenger chair project is going nowhere fast. Let's see if I can help." So she helps [personal profile] my_daroga and I with the Avengers chairs. We're still not done with the table, bar, and stools, but we did do this:

Avengers chairs. )
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I am the co-creator, co-producer, and director for Hello Earth, a theater company which has produced Outdoor Trek three years running. Outdoor Trek is a live theatrical adaptation of an Original Series episode of Star Trek performed in Seattle's Blanche Lavizzo Park, and auditions for the episode "Mirror, Mirror" are tonight and Tuesday. Please help me by spreading the word to anyone in the Seattle area who likes Star Trek, theater, or having fun. Even if you aren't in Seattle, if you have friends on Facebook or other social media outlets, you can help by spreading the word. Below is further information if you want to get involved in this fan-run project:

Auditions tonight (Sunday, March 16, 2014) and Tuesday (March 18, 2014) from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, at Theatre Puget Sound, in the Armory/Center House on the 4th floor in Seattle Center, Studio C (Sunday, March 16th) and Studio I (Tuesday, March 18th).

Needed: Actors to fill all roles (except Kirk, Spock and McCoy), which will be cast without regard to the gender or race (or ability, size, age, etc) of the original series characters. We are not looking for impersonation. We are looking for creative people who want to be part of the process both on and off stage.

Auditions will consist of cold readings. Please be prepared to stay for the entire time; we may not need you for that long but we will be holding callbacks after hearing everyone.

Performances will take place at the end of July and beginning of August outside at Blanche Lavizzo Park.

Kirk and Spock
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The plan was never to keep the same journal title. [profile] kita0610 was my inspiration; she used to change hers fairly frequently. It was such a delight to get comments from 'psychotic glitter display' and 'the Accidental Puffin' or whatever. But I haven't changed mine in a while now. This is a long story.

This explanation is lion turtles all the way down. )


Feb. 17th, 2014 10:49 pm
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»Made a lot of headway on my fic. FEELS GOOD.

»Thank you to everyone who told me their Tumblr name or who friended me on Tumblr. It feels awesome, except a whole bunch of people friended me and I don't know who they are. WHO ARE YOU? WHO WHO?

»Still appalled by Outlander. However, am interested in the tv show, because Ron D Moore.

»I keep waiting to hear something awful about Moore, or see something awful he's done. I mean the big names that you know--Moffat, JJ Abrams--I just kind of picture them sitting in a room saying, "Okay, but how can we start with something cool and then fuck it up even more?" Even Joss Whedon, whom I really respect a lot, has made some serious mistakes that just make me wince super hard and say, "Ooh, buddy, I know you mean well, but really can you watch where you step?" I haven't seen Moore doing this, but . . . he has to, right? I mean I don't like anyone anymore; that's just how I am now--broken inside.

»Played Apples to Apples as Data. Was very eager to define for Lwaxana Troi and B'elanna and sometimes Jim Kirk all the 20th and 21th references. Had some trouble since the only teenager he knows is Wesley Crusher (he chose "High School Bathrooms" for the category "Neat").
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So, I made a Tumblr ages ago because I knew it was the new thing, but I've rarely used it. Still, I find that when I'm sad that there aren't more updates on my flist, I go to my Tumblr to see what's up. This is hilarious since I have about three people friended there.

I'm letteredlettered on Tumblr. What's your user name? Let's be buddies.


Feb. 13th, 2014 02:44 pm
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I had four different friends from four very different corners of my little world telling me Outlander is one of their favorite books. This was what persuaded me to read it, even though the premise is not my cuppa. The premise was described to me as, "Married nurse goes back in time to 1700s Scotland. Meets some hot guy. Has adventures." All of this actually did sound like my cuppa, except for the implied adultery. Two out of four of these people said, "Weeeeeeeeeeeelll, but she kind of made the adultery okay."

Usually when I hear recommendations from a bunch of different people it's still from the same corner. It's fandom, or people at work, or people I knew back in Texas, or it's young people, or it's the media. It was strange to hear so many different people have such intense love for this book, so I decided to try it. I had to stop after the first three chapters. It was intensely boring.

But then another friend I had got super into it, so I started reading again. And then I got pretty interested when I heard Ron D Moore was doing the show. I love DS-9 and BSG, so this is fairly excited me.

Now I'm about halfway through this book, and I feel like I'm going to throw up. I wanted to know if other people felt the way that I do about it, so I looked at Goodreads and accidentally spoiled myself for the rest. I'm going to trudge on through, because I promised my friend I would, but seriously? I don't just find this book bad; I find it upsetting. It's like some unholy combination of Song of Ice and Fire (which I think is awful) and 50 Shades (which I don't think is awful, but I haven't bothered to read it. What I do know is that it seems to have a lot of S&M which isn't handled as nearly as carefully and deftly as half the fics in fandom).

But seriously, I want to know--am I just a hater, or is this book really as extremely homophobic and misogynist as it's coming off to me? Inquiring minds, guys.
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I haven't actually used broadcast television in over six years. But anyway, I'm at a hotel, and I thought I'd watch the Olympics since am too tired to really do anything else. Colleague says she's getting NBC on channel 41 in her room. I'm in the same hotel, but channel 41 is solid baseball. Channel 33 is NBC and is covering the Olympics, but the reception is horrible. I've stopped to watch most of the other channels to see if they're this bad, and they're just fine. This is the only channel continually cutting out, and NBC is definitely on a different channel in my colleague's room.

How does this work, exactly? Would some rooms be on satellite and some not? Idk if this is stupid, but I honestly don't understand. Also, you can't use the remote control to press 3-3. It will only register one number at a time. This is dumb but seems like it must be completely unrelated to the same-network-on-different-channels and horrible reception.

In other news I had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] seraphcelene who is a really amazing person. Comes highly recommended as a fandom and real life friend.


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