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Nov. 1st, 2010 09:13 pm
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Maybe I should make a filter, because this is bound to get annoying. Or possibly I should post only to myself :o)

Wordcount, inspiration, Google searches you have to do for this shit. . . )
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So, I was going through my photobucket, and realized I have some unfinished photo projects, a la My Cheesy Love For Fictional Heroines, The Great Connor // Jackson Browne Debate, and much much more. So I thought I'd try to finish some of them.

This one . . . I'm not finishing. I've long had ideas for a bunch of icons that I thought would be good, but I suck at making stuff :o( Then photobucket got some shiny new toys that allowed you to easily put text on photos without it looking crappy (me not having of the Photoshop or anything like that), so I messed around with it some. I found out I still suck, but these were the ones I did.

failed captions ftw. For some reason, I have BtVS/Angel . . . and Mulan. Then, as usual, some random. )
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So the Twilight saga! I still hope to do a comic for New Moon and the books that follow. But I've been so busy lately that I only have time for beautiful, beautiful two-panelled art.

You know you want it. Minor spoilers for Eclipse. )
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So when I asked what books you were reading, I mentioned Twilight by Stephenie Meyer being amazing. And it is. [Yoda] It is. [/Yoda]

So I wrote a book review to share it with you all. I didn't actually finish the book review, because I was doing it at work and then even book reviewing got outlawed (counting rubberbands is still allowed!). Or perhaps it is . . . my style of book reviewing. Most things I do do require waving arms and--er, something I personally like to call vivacity, no matter what the people whispering behind their hands and looking at me strangely from the very farthest corner of the bus call it. Was it the "Everyone needs to see my book review for lo, I am genius!" part that got me in trouble?

So here's Twilight, the Pretty Darn Quick version. )

In other news, those of you wondering what happened to [ profile] daily_words--I fell off the wagon but will be back shortly. Many thanks to [ profile] vaysh11 for handling Wednesdays!
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None of this stuff is credited. If you would like to be credited or for me to remove you from this post, will do pronto. If you would like to use something from this post I will try to find where I got it so you can credit the creator just like I didn't.

Yeah but the best part of waiting for lj to explain shit was pictures, you guys. Cut for heavy graphics. )
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Does anyone know the word limit for posts on lj?

I love . . . )

That is all I have for now.


Mar. 29th, 2007 09:59 pm
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Note to self: Yoshitaka Amano.

He's the dude who did the artwork for the Final Fantasy III booklet. I recognized his work immediately.

The reason this is so important to me is I used to stroke pictures like this all through my youth. Which is possibly why this is what people look like in my head. If I bother to look at the people in my head which in general I don't. But this is what you might look like. Especially if you are an original (particularly fairytale, fantasy or sci fi) character of mine. But it's possible this is what you look like--yes you, internet person. Seriously. Some of you have looked like this in my head. Not in so much detail. But you might have very swirly clothes. Or be Asian.

cut for graphics )

Ahh, I'm happy I found this guy. And now I have to go buy my sister-in-law his book about fairies. I need to go buy myself that book. Yay. I feel like I discovered part of my personal history.
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I said it should be ('cause you know he wasn't born with it. hahahaha!) and then Lynne made it so!

Shareable if credited: Tamibrandt did the icon and Lynne did the text.
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Doctor My Eyes! Watch out dail-up etc, lots of pics. )

OK, so, discuss. VK and/or Connor vs. young Jackson Browne.

Vs. Angel and Warren Zevon as accompaniments. Gogogogogo!


Oct. 4th, 2006 12:20 pm
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a fan who wets his/her panties over the person or persons after which they fan. (Not a derogatory term.)

1. "omg omg omg i love you omg omg i want to have your babies omg," the pantyfan said.
2. noun: David Boreanaz has many pantyfans.
verb: Lots of people pantyfan Spike.

I personally believe this term is actually more useful than "fangirl" and "fanboy", because it's all gender inclusive, and because the word itself shows the craziness of the obsession. The origin of the term can be found in this podcast, if you listen to minutes 3.12 through 8.34. Just because she's my best friend in the whole world doesn't mean she doesn't get a good idea from time to time.

There are subdivisions of the word, as described in the podcast:
bloomer fan, cotton pantyfan, boxers fan, thong fan

Pantyfan, illustrated, totally stealable and without credit, because no one cares, as long as you teach a penguin to say pantyfan:

Pimp, SeƱora.
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I . . .
Words fail.

Except that [ profile] stoney321 is the most cracked out, ingenius, beloved, morbid, raunchy, disgusting, horrifying, adorable, hilarious, shocking, crazy, witty, losing her grasp on reality and also losing her grip on all other things lame gal I know in like, the whole universe, plus fifty-seven billion.

Also, I totally used this:

all day.

edited, because Stoney is many things, but not lame. However, she does make my grip on lame things like reality, by which I mean other lame things like finding a job and taking out the garbage, tend to slip. It was not a well worded phrase. I'm going on no sleep in the last like 40 hours, here.

ETA2 edited again because I love rhyme. And [ profile] terilyn4. You're crazy and you rock.
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Hi! I've been kinda MILJ lately--or is that MFLJ? Anyway, just been ducking my head in, squirreling away foxy tidbits, then quick like a bunny hopping away, and also trying to ferret out how many animals I can monkeywrench in a sentence without becoming a cheatah. 8? Anyway, thank you for replying to my questions and thank you for your vid recs; I'm going to get back to each of you. Hopefully having watched some! If we had an email conversation going I'm about to get back to you too. If you've posted anything of importance and I haven't commented, please direct my attention.

So, today was the commissioning of the USS Texas. A big submarine was there, the First Lady was there, and, courtesy of [ profile] dlgood, so was I! And I have pictures! )
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[ profile] a2zmom tagged me!

3 of the things below are true. 3 are false. Guess which is which. Now illustrated! )

ETA: Oh yeah! I tag... [ profile] stoney321, if she hasn't been tagged yet, and [ profile] semby, who seems never to be around any more. :o(

ETA2: I resized that photo, dammit! And it looked a smaller size in the preview. At least it's not showing the chicken there any more.
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So, I wanted to share some of my holidays with you, but I didn't get around to the...explanations most of these pics needed until recently.

I don't know how to do text on pictures any other way. I'd wager I don't have the right tools, not having Photoshop etc. Graphics kick my ass. So, sorry the text is all wobbly and weird. Hopefully it's still legible. If not, have fun trying to decipher what the hell is wrong with me and my family.

Pic Spam. V. low quality, like spam. Also, not dial-up friendly, I'm guessing. )
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Happy Everything to Everybody, Even If It's Already Over!

And a great big ole thank you to [ profile] chrisleeoctaves and [ profile] marenfic for seasons greetings.

Now, from me to you, where my Granny lives! )

I won't be around for a while, but I'm thinking of all of you who made this year special. That means YOU! Much love to everyone in the whole entire world. And dude. I'm not even drunk.


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