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No seriously guys, Peggy.

I really loved Cap 2! Some day I will write my thoughts on it. But tonight [personal profile] my_daroga and I were wanting more Avengers-related things, so we finally watched some of the extras on IM3. I didn't know there was a short. About Peggy. A short about Peggy.

I wanted to like Peggy. And I did! I thought she was cool. But basically before this short there just wasn't quite enough for me to be interested in. I mean, I like that she was tough and I liked that she liked Steve, but that was basically all I got from Cap 1? And then Cap 2 spoilers spoilers spoilers. But anyway, I wanted to like her, but mostly felt kind of indifferent.

Now, however, I am in love with Peggy Carter, and

-I just want Peggy and Howard starting SHIELD. I want them to recruit awesome and amazing people, and yet none of these awesome and amazing people are quite as awesome and amazing as themselves. So sometimes these awesome and amazing people are doing their awesome amazing jobs, but just not quite . . . good enough fast enough unf enough and Peggy and Howard just sort of swoop in and take care of all the shit, all of it. And the best thing about that is Peggy's the one on the ground kicking faces and Howard's just in a room somewhere like pressing buttons, because she's totally the brawn (in a brainy way) and he's the brains (but in a mechanized!brawn way).

And they are so so so quick and clever and they sparkle; when you put Peggy and Howard in a room no one can understand what they're saying because they don't even bother to finish each other's sentences. They build and build and build on top of each other; their ideas are so far ahead of what anyone else's are that they just make no sense. And they're just so blindingly competent that they're kind of hard to be around.

And everyone just assumes they're a couple but they aren't at all. They have absolutely zero interest. And when Howard first meets Maria, Peggy just sort of rolls her eyes, because she thinks Maria is shy and demur and afraid of her, and will be jealous of her. And then Maria's just super sassy and becomes bff with Peggy, except no one will ever be bff with Peggy the way Howard is bff with Peggy, and no one will ever be bff with Howard the way Peggy is with Howard. And Howard and Maria get married and have baby Tony and Howard starts cooing and Peggy flaps her hands at him because she doesn't know what to do with babies.

Guys, this is like Sherlock/John/Mary, except, you know, cool.

-Okay, so the other thing I want even more is the AU where the super soldier serum does not last and Steve slowly shrinks back to his regular size and strength and constitution before the end of Cap 1, so taking out Red Skull becomes this combined effort of Peggy and Howard and the rest of the Commandos and the army and Steve.

And then Peggy and Steve get married, and Peggy and Howard start SHIELD. And Steve can do code breaking and data analysis and is really good at planning missions and also keeping everything respectable, and he finds out about HYDRA and HYDRA never becomes a part of SHIELD--but he really sucks at field work. So . . . he just can't do that. And meanwhile Peggy is just this total badass; she goes and does all these missions with Howard and takes down all the bad guys and comes back dirty and sweaty and bruised, sometimes with broken limbs.

And of course Steve worries about her, but he supports her fully and helps her all the ways he can. And sometimes he still rushes into action because he still thinks he can, but slowly Peggy convinces him that this does a lot more harm than good, because then she's trying to protect him as well as complete the mission, and he reluctantly agrees to stay out of it. He helps her as much as he can, but in the end, it's Peggy and Howard who are able to run and operate SHIELD.

What I really want is just like, a tiny Steve who is desperately in love with Peggy, desperately desperately, who supports her with love and paperwork and bravely staying home, because that's what he can do, and a Peggy who is desperately, desperately in love with him back. She's over half a foot taller than him in heels, and it's awkward when they dance and should be awkward when he holds her and yet is never ever awkward when they make love, because they love each other so much, and she still thinks he is the perfect man. The absolute perfect man, and the hottest and the sexiest one; and she loves his stupidly thin chest and his stupidly big hands and girly wrists, and she hates how often he gets sick, but loves that he never complains.

Sometimes Steve doesn't really get what she likes about him, but he's really glad that she does.

And she knows that he still sometimes wishes he was Captain America, and he doesn't quite understand that he is still Captain America to her.
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