Feb. 12th, 2014

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I haven't actually used broadcast television in over six years. But anyway, I'm at a hotel, and I thought I'd watch the Olympics since am too tired to really do anything else. Colleague says she's getting NBC on channel 41 in her room. I'm in the same hotel, but channel 41 is solid baseball. Channel 33 is NBC and is covering the Olympics, but the reception is horrible. I've stopped to watch most of the other channels to see if they're this bad, and they're just fine. This is the only channel continually cutting out, and NBC is definitely on a different channel in my colleague's room.

How does this work, exactly? Would some rooms be on satellite and some not? Idk if this is stupid, but I honestly don't understand. Also, you can't use the remote control to press 3-3. It will only register one number at a time. This is dumb but seems like it must be completely unrelated to the same-network-on-different-channels and horrible reception.

In other news I had dinner with [livejournal.com profile] seraphcelene who is a really amazing person. Comes highly recommended as a fandom and real life friend.


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