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Oh, and this one:

Title: It Goes Like This
Fandom: Kings
Pairing: Gen. Jack, David, Silas, Michelle
Rating: PG
Length: 100
A/N: I wrote this write after watching an ep of Kings. I think what was happening was that Jack/Johnathan is pretending to be a womanizer? And his mother has found out. And David is promoted to captain, and Jack bitches him out and says, well, the first line of this fic. I was going to write a series of drabbles, but this is the only interesting one.

It Goes Like This

That should have been mine: you weren’t talking about being captain.

You know David is everything you aren’t. Worse, you know I know it: the backseat and the bra were in the paper. In it you will have read the worst: now you know your father knows.

That David is the hero. Not only captain, David is brave, clever, true, mechanic, warrior, poet, most of all, David is the son we wanted. The son for whom I’ll never have to lose a cellphone. As if that were not enough, David plays Liszt.

But you don’t really care for music, do you.
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Before I post a fic based on it, let me talk for a moment about BBC's show, Robin Hood, the one with Richard Armitage. I should mention I never saw the third season, where he got even hotter.

The short version is, I think this was an awful show. The only reason I kept watching it was Guy of Gisborne. My interest in Guy had a lot to do with Richard Armitage being hot--more to do with it than I really like to admit. However, some part of my interest in Guy had to do with sheer incredulity that anyone could like him at all, and my conclusion that the show wanted us to be attracted to him despite our better judgments.BBC's Robin Hood's Guy of Gisborne, Richard Armitage )
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Before I even started watching this, I knew that I would love this man:

But some things did surprise me.

Oh god my ovaries. )
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My computer is still broken. [personal profile] my_daroga is letting me use hers. I wanted to continue with Tuesday-posting, even though I can't actually post all the stuff I've been writing. I haven't been caught up on DW/LJ in a long time, but . . . well, if you've posted it I've probably missed it. Don't think I'll get a new comp/get the old one fixed for a couple weeks. But in the meantime, some quick things:

-Tell me something you did recently that made you happy. It can be something you're proud of, or something you did to please yourself, or something you did for something else. I want happy things!

-I still think Avatar: The Last Air-Bender is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. This is kind of sad since I was really getting into Star Trek again. I also have a fairly strong thing for BBC's Sherlock. But Avatar. I think, "OMG Zuko," and then find myself saying, "OMG Sokka," and then, "OMG Katara" and IrohTyLeeMaiTophAang. Sometimes even, Oh Roku or Kyoshi or Ursa.

-What do you think about hypertext fiction? A fictional story that has hyperlinks within it? Have you seen it done; in what context; was it supplemental to the story, or integral?

-I always thought people liked James Dean for the reasons they like Marlon Brando. You know, because he was bad and hot. I didn't know it was the whole sweet-vulnerable-tries-to-be-bad-and-hot-(maybe all because he's in love with Marlon Brando) thing. Wow. I sort of love him now. And really need Jim/Plato from Rebel. . . (Btw, I adore Marlon Brando! But James Dean ain't Brando. So I was confused.)

-The Wire is one of the best shows that exists. I'm not fannish about it. It's just one of the best.

-I'm going to Michigan and then Houston this Friday. It will be nice to see home and family.
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Title: Dangerous Angels
Summary: Buffy Summers and Martha Jones, aka BIG DAMN HEROES.
A/N: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] seraphcelene for the prompt.

Dangerous Angels )

Jane and I

May. 18th, 2007 11:51 am
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I Netflixed the BBC Masterpiece Theatre 2006 adaptation of Jane Eyre, starring Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens. It was on two disks, so I had to get them separately. I watched each twice on the same night before parting from them and now I've bought it from Amazon. I've seen about five other adaptations of Jane Eyre (Cirian Hinds, William Hurt, Timothy Dalton, George C Scott, Orson Welles as Rochesters) and none come even close to this in the slightest. It captures so much of what I love about the book.

Jane Eyre changed my life. That sounds corny, melodramatic, a little pitiful, and strangely lacking in healthy priorities, but I've always felt it to be true. I was fourteen when I read it and I never felt alone again after that. To have it now with pretty people (eta: um. Which I should have a problem with, as the people in JE are not supposed to be pretty. They are in this, gorgeous, but what I meant was well-acted and well-scripted and that. Anyways, they *act* like they are not beautiful, and not in the She's All That way, in the seriously lacking confidence or being gruff way, and that's what matters to me here) to look at is . . . really a dream come true. Which sounds corny and all that other stuff all over again; it's hard to fathom how this could mean so much to me. But it really does.

Anyway, what sucks is I don't know where to talk about this online. Although I've spent the past two years with Buffyverse, I've often slipped away by cover of night to poke around other fandoms like BSG or Beauty and the Beast or Harry/Draco but I can never quite figure, in both the big and tiny fandoms, where the PEOPLE are. There's not a community-feeling like I feel like I have with my (mostly Buffyverse) flist, where lots of people know each other, like each other, respect each other, and talk about things (/Margaret Dashwood). I mean really! How do you go about finding a place in a new fandom? I know this is an age old quandary, a topic of much debate and meta, but how do you go about it?

And where oh where is Jane Eyre's www.pemberley.com?
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So I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] my_daroga the other day and we each thought of something there needs to be fic for. Mine was silly but when I couldn't get to sleep last night in PMS-induced insomnia, I decided there were all sorts of things that should have fic, and don't, and if there is you need to point me to it, and then I need to whine about how there's not enough of it.

Fandoms, canons, and subjects there should be fanfiction for:


And before you say it, yes. Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands.
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Ok, not really, but wouldn't it be cool?

Probably you guys know this already because you're this freakish hive mind with super sonic powers, but I'm excited about it anyway. Even if you have already done your stinger waggling bee dances of buzz over it, or whatever. You bunch of weirdos.

A pilot with Summer Glau. Possibly appearing naked in a sizzled out hollow of earth! Hopefully afterwards she's stealing leather, sunglasses and a motorcycle to the tune of 'Bad to the Bone'. Because that would be kinda hot? )
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C. Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] stultiloquentia! She's an excellent writer and thinker and wit, and she makes me incredibly happy when ever I see her soup can. That was not a dirty innuendo.
I. The IWRY Marathon kicked off today! The story is Letters, by Jo ([livejournal.com profile] librarian2003). I haven't read it yet, but I'm really excited because Jo's a fabulous writer. She's one of the first Jossverse fic authors I've ever read! So hop to it, kids!
N. Tomorrow [livejournal.com profile] lostakasha posts. She wrote B/A, y'all. I'm aquiver with excitement.
D. Does anybody know what happened to Spy!Daddy? I mean, that show, Justice, that used to come on after Bones?
E. Speaking of Bones, this ep was a little hard to watch for me because sometimes every woman I know seems so intent on changing themselves, especially getting thinner. It makes me sad. Also, I'm doing this writing thing where I have to do body modification research, and it's really icky. Like, some of the photos I looked at, with men and 19" waists. I think that's why I'm nauseous.
R. On the other hand, DB. Fuck, that man's arms. No, seriously. I'd do 'em.
E. S4 of AtS OWNS me. It owns me like an owning thing. And long, woe-is-me, what-am-I-now, on-and-on, in-the-church monologues, which JM and that whole scene just, I'm sorry, utterly lamed up for me, VK and that whole other scene made shiny and new for me.
L. Did you guys know T.J. Thyne (Hodgins from Bones) was on AtS?
L. I hate Angel's hair at the beginning of S5. And his clothes.
A. On Oprah, Denzel Washington talked about the art of a single perfect tear.
! Do you guys think Baltar, Joaquin Phoenix, and VK have an uncanny ability to cry?
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So, I don't normally watch these shows, but people on my flist talk about them, and for once I was free on a Thursday evening, so I thought, hell, why not. So I watched them, but because I don't know all the history and stuff, I had a couple questions about them.

Smallville )


Supernatural )
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P. tkFamily watches Bones. )

U. In other news, [livejournal.com profile] violaclaire had an interesting question about conscience in Jossverse, which I felt I couldn't answer adequately because I know nothing about sociology. I actually know very little about anything, despite the fact that I got a BA and thought I was smart.

N. (Got another rejection today).

J. Moving right along, tkp is love is Victorian porn, for your viewing pleasure. )

A. Have you read an Arbiter of Quality review? [livejournal.com profile] angelbuffy0 was linking them for a while. Why reading this guy feels like watching the shows again and keeps my love alive. )

B. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, a bit ago [livejournal.com profile] rahirah informed fandom that these titles are off limits. Heed her or SPIKE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. IN MANNER OF KEN DOLLS AND OZ. watch out the little people can be scary. Mwwahahahahahah!
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Does anyone around write for Firefly? If so, do any of you have links to creative Chinese cussing translations?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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10 Things I Liked About Seeing 24 Tonight

1. I don't watch much TV, so I figure everyone else has already seen it? But DB was in an ad thingy.

2. DB talked about the paparazzi. He said that maybe you're not a movie star but you can do stuff to help, or something like that. He was talking about us, you know. No, not helping out, I mean us being his paprazzi. Like how we drool over his picture and write about him having sex with James Marsters. DB talked about us on tv!

3. I don't really know what else he said because I was fixated on his mouth.

4. I think he was talking about Mentoring Month. That means he's a good person. Right?

5. He wiggles when he talks.

6. I kept expecting him to say "our rats are low", even though that's Doyle's line.

7. Also, there were ads for "Bones." Since I so often forget to watch "Bones," it was nice seeing him.

8. In one ad for "Bones" he was wearing this brown leather jacket and it was hot.

9. All these commercials reminded to watch "Bones" tomorrow.

10. Oh yeah, "24" was good, too. And Samwise was in it!
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Okay, next up, Brokeback Mountain. Since this is long, and disturbingly earnest and thoughtful rather than entertaining, I threw in lj-cuts for easy navigation and skimming. I'm particularly interested in your audience's reactions and/or opinions on audience reactions . . . so if you have input, skip to the last part.

SPOILERS contained herein:

Disturbing Earnestness: In which I try to explain the meaning of the movie to myself. )

Criticism: In which I talk about what I disliked about the movie--the pacing. )

Audience Reactions: In which I try to figure out why the hell a man finding himself and a woman losing everything is funny. )



Jan. 9th, 2006 06:39 pm
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Writing reviews is kind of natural to me. I always want to write what I think after I see a movie, and I figure now I may as well, since I have a place to keep them and someone or other might be interested. This one is about Narnia. Over all, I liked it, but this ended up being mostly about faults I saw, so...reader discretion is advised? I don't know.

In which Rupert Everett was foxy. Like a fox! )
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How many posts have there been in the last few weeks about when/where BBM is coming out?

When even Heathbars in the line at the grocery store remind you of what you can't have... )

In the sequel:
[livejournal.com profile] tkp reads the sequel to [livejournal.com profile] crazydiamondsue’s “Rodeo” and feels better!
[livejournal.com profile] tkp watches a Harry Potter Dance Troupe and feels better!
[livejournal.com profile] tkp reads this about writing sex and says, Barbara Kingsolver, you sweet, innocent child, I hope you’ve discovered the internets since then!


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