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Today is one of my weekend days, so two episodes! Possibly three! Luckily, writing these is slowing me down.

[personal profile] my_daroga's comment before this episode: "So far I thought this whole show was kind of the alchemist's anguish?"

An Alchemist's Anguish episode reaction. No spoilers, please! )
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Today I started watching Fullmetal Alchemist. I have no idea what it's about, but recently saw [personal profile] likeadeuce mention it, and thought, "Hey, I always meant to watch that." I did a little research re: FMA vs FMA:Brotherhood, and decided to watch Brotherhood. As I understand it, FMA was begun before the manga was completed, and Brotherhood was begun after and follows the manga more closely. I really should actually read the manga, but I'm better at reading just-text or watching things than I am at comics and manga, and I felt like watching would probably be a lower investment of time and money (in case I don't get into it).

Anyway, I feel like many manga are written with A Plan and a vision for the characters. Meanwhile, anime based on unfinished manga are often cashing in on really popular manga. As [personal profile] my_daroga points out, this does mean that there are some anime that have a fanwork feel, but when it's a commercialized work that's being produced to make money off of something popular, I'm more leery of the content. Also, there's just a lot of filler stuff in anime based on unfinished manga. I'd rather have the full experience of the manga in anime form, so I picked Brotherhood.

Most of the research I did said Brotherhood is better anyway, though one person I talked to said she likes FMA better. She did admit that that might be because she watched FMA first. Also, she said that Brotherhood is darker. While I don't like dark for dark's sake, I really like things that take tough concepts seriously, so that's why I picked Brotherhood.

Near the beginning I told [personal profile] my_daroga that I was excited about watching this, because [personal profile] stultiloquentia really liked it. I told her that the last thing I watched because of stultiloquentia was Avatar: the Last Airbender. Partway into the first ep of FMA:B, [personal profile] my_daroga said, "Maybe stultiloquentia just really likes elemental-based powers." I'm trying to figure out whether this is the case . . .

I'm also hoping to post about this show ep-by-ep, because I always love reading those for shows that I love. I have no idea whether I'll love this, but I do know a bunch of cool people who love it, so here's hoping? Please, please, please don't spoil me for future eps. I really have no idea what the series is about or what will happen.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 1 )
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Ok, not really, but wouldn't it be cool?

Probably you guys know this already because you're this freakish hive mind with super sonic powers, but I'm excited about it anyway. Even if you have already done your stinger waggling bee dances of buzz over it, or whatever. You bunch of weirdos.

A pilot with Summer Glau. Possibly appearing naked in a sizzled out hollow of earth! Hopefully afterwards she's stealing leather, sunglasses and a motorcycle to the tune of 'Bad to the Bone'. Because that would be kinda hot? )
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C. Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] stultiloquentia! She's an excellent writer and thinker and wit, and she makes me incredibly happy when ever I see her soup can. That was not a dirty innuendo.
I. The IWRY Marathon kicked off today! The story is Letters, by Jo ([livejournal.com profile] librarian2003). I haven't read it yet, but I'm really excited because Jo's a fabulous writer. She's one of the first Jossverse fic authors I've ever read! So hop to it, kids!
N. Tomorrow [livejournal.com profile] lostakasha posts. She wrote B/A, y'all. I'm aquiver with excitement.
D. Does anybody know what happened to Spy!Daddy? I mean, that show, Justice, that used to come on after Bones?
E. Speaking of Bones, this ep was a little hard to watch for me because sometimes every woman I know seems so intent on changing themselves, especially getting thinner. It makes me sad. Also, I'm doing this writing thing where I have to do body modification research, and it's really icky. Like, some of the photos I looked at, with men and 19" waists. I think that's why I'm nauseous.
R. On the other hand, DB. Fuck, that man's arms. No, seriously. I'd do 'em.
E. S4 of AtS OWNS me. It owns me like an owning thing. And long, woe-is-me, what-am-I-now, on-and-on, in-the-church monologues, which JM and that whole scene just, I'm sorry, utterly lamed up for me, VK and that whole other scene made shiny and new for me.
L. Did you guys know T.J. Thyne (Hodgins from Bones) was on AtS?
L. I hate Angel's hair at the beginning of S5. And his clothes.
A. On Oprah, Denzel Washington talked about the art of a single perfect tear.
! Do you guys think Baltar, Joaquin Phoenix, and VK have an uncanny ability to cry?
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So, I don't normally watch these shows, but people on my flist talk about them, and for once I was free on a Thursday evening, so I thought, hell, why not. So I watched them, but because I don't know all the history and stuff, I had a couple questions about them.

Smallville )


Supernatural )
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P. tkFamily watches Bones. )

U. In other news, [livejournal.com profile] violaclaire had an interesting question about conscience in Jossverse, which I felt I couldn't answer adequately because I know nothing about sociology. I actually know very little about anything, despite the fact that I got a BA and thought I was smart.

N. (Got another rejection today).

J. Moving right along, tkp is love is Victorian porn, for your viewing pleasure. )

A. Have you read an Arbiter of Quality review? [livejournal.com profile] angelbuffy0 was linking them for a while. Why reading this guy feels like watching the shows again and keeps my love alive. )

B. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, a bit ago [livejournal.com profile] rahirah informed fandom that these titles are off limits. Heed her or SPIKE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. IN MANNER OF KEN DOLLS AND OZ. watch out the little people can be scary. Mwwahahahahahah!
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10 Things I Liked About Seeing 24 Tonight

1. I don't watch much TV, so I figure everyone else has already seen it? But DB was in an ad thingy.

2. DB talked about the paparazzi. He said that maybe you're not a movie star but you can do stuff to help, or something like that. He was talking about us, you know. No, not helping out, I mean us being his paprazzi. Like how we drool over his picture and write about him having sex with James Marsters. DB talked about us on tv!

3. I don't really know what else he said because I was fixated on his mouth.

4. I think he was talking about Mentoring Month. That means he's a good person. Right?

5. He wiggles when he talks.

6. I kept expecting him to say "our rats are low", even though that's Doyle's line.

7. Also, there were ads for "Bones." Since I so often forget to watch "Bones," it was nice seeing him.

8. In one ad for "Bones" he was wearing this brown leather jacket and it was hot.

9. All these commercials reminded to watch "Bones" tomorrow.

10. Oh yeah, "24" was good, too. And Samwise was in it!


Nov. 2nd, 2005 03:16 pm
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Short B/A centric fic is currently kicking my ass, so I find solace in TV.

I recently watched season 1-3 of "24". A friend of mine who got me started in on AtS said it was a good show and brought me S1. I currently hate him for wasting my life. Also, [livejournal.com profile] a2zmom mentioned a) you could drive a truck through the plot holes, and b) nothing has any consequences, and c) it's still fun. She was right on all 3 counts.

Since I wasted 72 hours or something of my life watching it, I thought I'd share my opinions. Thus follows the good and the bad and the ugly of season 1-3.

Cut for spoilers for  )

Which is just my way of saying it was fun, not as good as anything touched by Joss Whedon, and omg I never knew Keifer was so hot.


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