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And it's not the new profile page.

So, how do you lock all posts in a comm, so non-members can't see them? The only answer I can find on lj FAQ is to go into each entry and change the security levels one at a time (unless you have a paid account). This is fine, I have no problem with lj's lameness (yet). But even as maintainer of a comm, I can't edit other people's entries to change the security level. So...what? I have to ask them to go in and do it themselves? If so? That is. So. Lame.

If not...please halp? *puppy eyes*

I remember when pornish_pixies came back after being deleted, you couldn't see a thing going on in there! I can see some very dedicated mods going back in and changing all the security levels, but I highly doubt people posting in 2003 who forgot they even wrote it came back just to lock there Potter porn. Is it because that is a paid account?

Stupid stupid stupid.

In other news, America. *beams*
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So, I just posted to this comm I run, and in the mood theme place it says I'm feeling hopeful.

I am not feeling hopeful.

Well, I totally am, because TOMORROW YOU GUYS TOMORROW, and also I'm doing it I'm really doing it, and I like my job even though some people suck, and I'm going to Granny's for Thanksgiving and stuff, and people keep having babies, like both my brothers and a friend back home and [livejournal.com profile] crazydiamondsue (er, not that she had another one. I mean the old one. Yes, Jonah is OLD now), and it is autumn, and Thornfield is not only a beautiful place in autumn, Cirian!Rochester, it is a beautiful place all year round, says Morton!Jane, and I love what I'm writing now SO MUCH, and Evangelion is amazing.

But I am not hopeful because I did not say I was hopeful, Mr. Livejournal Thang, so please to not be telling me how I feel!

Why would it do this? Was it looking at my voter's registration card???
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I still have much to say. My tongue still feels all tied.

If you have not, I highly recommend that you read this letter to LJ. If you are interested in the questions being asked there, I highly recommend that you sign.

I don't really care what their answers are, because I'm leaving regardless (but I did sign out of morbid curiosity).
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Thought about it a lot, and I'm leaving Livejournal.

That's all dramatic and stuff, but I probably won't be gone until the end of the year. If most people decide to leave, and there's a mass exodus before then, I may be gone earlier. But this journal, my fic journal, and my private backup journal will be gone for certain by January 1, 2008.

I have a lot of stuff to say about the whole LJ/6A debacle, but for some reason every time I start a post on it I just have to get up and walk away from it, give it some time, read lots and lots of Harry/Draco, spend time with my family, or eat ice cream. Can't decide whether I'm too angry about it, depressed perhaps, lazy maybe, or possibly I'm an ostrich? Anyway, during the strikeout in May I felt very energized, but maybe that was because I thought that it was possible that LJ had made a mistake, and after hearing customer complaints, would fix it. In other words, I knew I was going to give Livejournal another chance. Well, I did, but I am still displeased as a customer. So, I take my business elsewhere.

I don't know where. One of the reasons I'm staying on LJ for another few months is that I want to see how many other people leave and where they go. Even if a lot of you leave (which I sekritly hope you will), it will not be all at once, and LJ will still be the place to be in the thick of fandom things for a while. If there is a mass movement, decision making, support/rallying/reasearch/etc to be done, I want to be involved. And if people are going to continue to discuss the issues connected to why I'm leaving, I want to be a part of those discussions. Because I do have a lot to say, and I want to say it to my flist, people who I'm interested in having around wherever I end up.

I'm going to back up the journals I have here and copy them to Insane Journal for now. I'm going to be cross-posting to Insane Journal (where I am tkp) and possibly Journal Fen over the next several months. I hope to gradually phase out: to just post links to fic here, instead of actual fics here, etc. Then I will be gone. I know I can make myself do that, but I know I can't make myself never visit LJ again. If you do decide to stay and not post elsewhere, I may still visit from time to time, but I will not have an account here ever again. I don't want to lose touch with any of you. I mean, well, except you; you're always talking about your grandmother's corns.

So, um, this isn't quite yet goodbye, and won't be for a while. Mostly I'm just posting this because once I say I'll do something, I'll do it. And now I've said it.

Okay, now that announcements are over: what're your thoughts? Leavin' on a jet plane? Why? Staying, why? Cat macros? Why not? Where are you going, if you go, where're you lookin' at, what are your hopes and dreams for fandom future? What did you think of the last ep of Mad Men? Is Jason Isaacs the man, or what? How 'bout that burr86, Barak, and Brad? Does the news comm make you laugh, cry, headdesk, or wha...? Did anyone even like the first two Bourne movies? What's your favorite pizza delivery service? Do you think Livejournal would disallow canon!Buffy/Angel fanart? How come I can't spell misogyny? What's the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist? And the number one question all of us are asking: how come Buffy never wore the go-go boots again?
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For info about the latest LJ/6A fuck up, [livejournal.com profile] liz_marcs is, as ever, an excellent resource: here.

For guides on saving your journals and other journaling resources, [livejournal.com profile] kangeiko has a great list of links: here.

Lastly, I urge you to join [livejournal.com profile] fandom_flies. It's about discussing fandom's options for leaving LJ. I was so ready to leave when the first strike out happened. I'm even more ready now.

Pls to be leaving links, opinions, your thoughts, feelings, any relevant info here. Let's all keep abreast of the situation, here.
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None of this stuff is credited. If you would like to be credited or for me to remove you from this post, will do pronto. If you would like to use something from this post I will try to find where I got it so you can credit the creator just like I didn't.

Yeah but the best part of waiting for lj to explain shit was pictures, you guys. Cut for heavy graphics. )
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I'm sure everyone and their mom will see this in the morning, but for anyone who's awake now:
Six Apart's CEO apparently has something to say.

eta: Frankly, this was very close to the Best Projected Response I felt we could hope for. The entire fiasco is framed as a mistake, something they're heartily sorry for. What I don't see is a) anything like a promise ensuring they'll never do anything like that again, and b) [in addition to the admission that they want to keep the comms and users trying to "prevent and understand" things such as rape and incest] an explicit admission that comms and users that portray these things in fictional settings for fictional purposes will not be targeted.

I'm still not giving LJ any money. I'm still going to write my snail mail letters. I'm still going to harp on about acting, so that we can make sure this never happens again.

I'm keeping my account at GreaterJournal. I'm keeping my voice. And I am keeping my outrage.

I'm forgiving. But I'm not forgetting.

[livejournal.com profile] fandom_counts
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A Guide Organized In Ascending Order Of Requisite Activation Energy

Get counted. Aside from all the drama, this is interesting in an abstract, statistical sense: "how big is fandom, really?" Stand and be counted here. No strings attached, just a head count of members of fandom on livejournal.

Take this poll. Similarly statistically interesting, but also possibly useful in determining how loud our voice might be, is "how much do we as fandom spend on lj?" Take this poll, again, no strings, just a count.

Boycott. If you're upset about what's happening, one of the most important things you might do is something you've been meaning to do for always: save your money. Don't renew accounts, buy virtual gifts, more icons, or a permanent account next month. Cancel automatic payments.

Sign petitions. The least you can do is sign your name to a petition. I'm not actually sure how much this does, but it's something to do. here are some.

List your complaint. Similar to signing a petition, you can leave a specific complaint here for Livejournal administrators and stuff to see. Many people are mentioning dissatisfaction as customers, and resolve not to give 6A/LJ money for accounts, gifts, and features.

Stay informed. You can do this by joining comms such as [livejournal.com profile] innocence_jihad, [livejournal.com profile] fandompays, [livejournal.com profile] reasonedspeech. Also keep your eyes on [livejournal.com profile] metafandom and [livejournal.com profile] fandom_lawyers. Personally, I got an acount at GreatestJournal and joined the comm fandomtossed.

Email your complaint. (See below as to why this option is less effective than the next step up). Some form letters for your emails are here, here, and here.
Send these to feedback@livejournal.com or privacy@livejournal.com.

Pick up the phone. I'm inclined to believe two things I've garnered from reading up on this: 1. Six Apart is the company behind Livejournal, and it would be more effective to contact that company. 2. It would be more effective to contact Six Apart by phone than through email. Here's how.

ACT. It's being expressed all over that fandom has power, both insofar as number of heads and financial contribution. Maybe we do. Maybe if we do the things on this list, we can make a difference in regards to the actions of Six Apart and Livejournal. Maybe if we all stand up and walk out, singing Alice's Restaurant, Six Apart will see that even if their advertisers pay them more, their advertisers are there in the first place because fandom comprises such a large number of users. I don't know.

What I do know is that fandom has power as a culture (as I found best expressed here). We may not be effective enough to unsettle Six Apart. We may not be strong enough to present a serious threat to something like Fanlib. But we are strong and effective enough to organize, speak out, fight back, and persevere.

As much as the cynic in me wants to sit back and say, "nothing we do is going to make any difference", I'm not going to do that, because fandom is about all about having a voice. Even if it doesn't get heard, we need to use it, and use it until it's hoarse and then use it some more. There's no point in self-expression if you don't self-express.

eta: What I mean is, think about who we are, what we are, and what we can do. Examples of this kind of thought and suggestions for more action are here, here, and here.
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I'm interested in porn.
I'm interested in rape.
I'm interested in pedophilia.
I'm interested in incest.

To clarify, and I shouldn't have to, I'm interested in fictional porn, rape, pedophilia, and incest.

To clarify even further, which I rather resent since everyone should be interested in this, I'm interested in your right to write fictional porn, rape, pedophilia, and incest, whether I want to read it or not. Which for the most part I don't.

I'm not interested in getting censored, getting silenced, or getting kicked off livejournal. Which (so far, and as far as we know) lj can do, is doing, and feels it must for legal reasons. And, in response to that, I'm interested in what we can do to protest such actions, to Six Apart and whoever or whatever else is involved in whatever is going on.

Because in the end, what I'm really interested in is not censoring or silencing myself. I'm not interested in getting scared or anxious about this. You want to kick me out of the house, kick me out, but I'm not stuffing my dirty magazines under my mattress. I'm not interested in changing my interests lists or locking down old posts.

Because in the end, what I'm really interested in is porn, rape, pedophilia, and incest, and there's not a damn thing anyone else can do about that.


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