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Jan. 5th, 2011 03:32 pm
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I made this New Year's resolution where I'm going to post my WIPs. Not all of them but I lot of them. I'm going to try to get on a regular schedule or something, and take it slow. The hope is that as I post, I'll work to finish. For instance I've got this one I started in 2007, which I've rewritten once and now am rewriting again. Every time I rewrite it I write more on the end, and now I feel like the end is in sight. Why not just do it?

More on WIPs. )

I really want to change my livejournal name, because tkp means nothing to me. I also want to change my dreamwidth name. I love my dw name. It's my actual name, it's short, simple, and bright like a star. But I'd like it to be the same as my lj name, and I'll never get joy on lj. Plus, if I ever need to hide me, even though joy is relatively innocuous, it's much easier to find then if my username was something that wasn't my real name.

I hate naming things. Anne of Green Gables gave me a complex. I've been throwing around so many names, some of which are cool, but none of which touch me. Oh well, I'll keep looking.
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I never really understood the point of fanmixes until I heard [ profile] stoney321's fanmix for the character Connor from Angel. This fanmix worked for me because the songs weren't about Connor over-all; they were about specific moments in Connor's life. Maybe most fanmixes are like that (please point me to the ones that are), but the ones I've heard and seen tend to be general songs about who the character is over-all or how someone feels about a 'ship. Stoney's, OTOH, mix gave me specific things I could recognize and connect to.

There are soft, thoughtful songs about family in the beginning, at Connor's birth. Then there are loud scary songs about torture and survival, when Connor goes to a Hell dimension. But the songs have less concrete references to what was going on in these moments of the characters life, than they do interpretations of what was going on. I mean, a song doesn't have to sound like hell to be about Hell. Anyway, when I listen to this fanmix, I feel like I'm getting the story of the character, and for me it's as cool as watching the show. I love this fanmix, and am eternally grateful to Stoney for making it.

Another thing arranging the fanmix by moments in the character's life does is make the mix extremely varied. There's classical music, church music, Johnny Cash, Metallica, and Radiohead on this mix. This mix also introduced me to songs and artists and covers that I hadn't heard before. I've always wished I could have this fanmix experience for other characters I know and love, and then I started thinking--if we opened this up we could get some really diverse choices for pieces that fit a character, AND we could introduce each other to new music.

So let's make a fanmix like this for Spock Prime. )
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For instance, remember that Angel and Spike are Harry and Draco thing? I really, really want to write more of that.

spoilers for Deathly Hallows )

The rate at which I come up with ideas is alarming. (The rate at which I execute said ideas, say oh never, is also alarming.) For instance, take this modernized teenybopper Camelot story. )

eta: *but they call him Wayne. Oh, snorfle.
Notice how I call "ideas" just taking the same stories and characters and giving them new names. Except none of the names are new. I am unoriginal and bland. Except for all these ideas, which are unoriginal and cool.

And now, a million bajillion Harry/Draco fics which I have either started and will probably never finish, or will never even start. I just want them out of my head, but they will not go. These are really rough ideas so full of RANDOM and rambling that you'll choke, probably. So, you know, hand at the level of your eyes, and that. The Harry/Draco fic idea list. Is long. And really really rough. I would not read this unless I was terrifically bored. Which I am. )
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-Is it so wrong of me to want a story with Connor and Angel, where the young, hip barista thinks it so sweet that someone as young, hot and rich as the football-shouldered pale guy in leather still takes his 70-year-old blue-eyed grandfather (he looks like Peter O'Toole. Is that wrong?) out for coffee every Tuesday?

-There's nothing weird about wanting Faith to have a passel of brats and for all of them to call their mommy's best friend, "Aunt Buffy". And for mommy and Aunt Buffy every once in a while to kiss in the laundry room, Faith sitting on the dryer with her legs around Buffy, asking, "The sheets clean, yet?" Buffy pulling away and finding the fabric softener and saying, "Yeah. You cleaned up real good." See. Not weird.

-And if Buffyverse really were to go all Round Table, wouldn't Buffy actually be the one who's King Arthur? Is it so wrong that this probably makes Spike Guinevere? Faith would be Morgan Le Fay, and Willow is obviously Merlin.

-Spike, self-portrait.

Dana drew some pictures small,
scribbled her crayon Watchers.
They beat her, drew her blood
got dripped, down a line of Slayers.
Might've been Fred who drew her
out of hell, on the wall;
Might've been Xander who knew her,
Watched her crayon/pencil it all in.
Willow who fucked her, made her
over Buffy who made her fuck,
or Angel made her Dru.
And when you looked at all those pictures,
small, you saw
she drew them all of you.
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So I was talking to [ profile] my_daroga the other day and we each thought of something there needs to be fic for. Mine was silly but when I couldn't get to sleep last night in PMS-induced insomnia, I decided there were all sorts of things that should have fic, and don't, and if there is you need to point me to it, and then I need to whine about how there's not enough of it.

Fandoms, canons, and subjects there should be fanfiction for:


And before you say it, yes. Yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands.

Fic Bits!

Oct. 30th, 2006 12:34 am
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That meme about posting lines from your fic--[ profile] lostakasha twisted it and posted lines from fic she hasn't posted, and I thought it was a cool idea.
So, here goes. I picked bits from *all* the fics currently going on on my computer, because I'm thorough like that and apparently have the pomposity to think random people might be interested. But these days I'm noticing I like kicking around ideas and dreaming up fics I'll write better than writing. Also, better than working. I left off my IWRY fic 'cause I know it'll be out in Nov, but hopefully the War Stories fic'll get posted soon too. And one day Best Souvenir. *crosses fingers* Anyway, here goes, if anyone wants to see my fic-knickers.

WARNING: Some of these are rated NC 17. Please don't read if you're underaged or not into it.

1. next War Stories fic )
2. from chapter 22 or 23 of Best Souvenir. Really random bit. )
3. A/B/F/S piece, I dunno )
4. Angel/Cordelia and Connor, something about kings, with Trinity stuff fic )
5. Angel and Connor phone conversation )
6. Really really really long B/A fic )

Please note, this other two are crack. I mean crack of the REALLY cracktastic variety. It's kind of like doodling--you're not really thinking about it and your hands just move; you don't mean to make a work of art or even a finished sketch and there's no "whole" there.

7. A/S long, multi-chaptered, CRACK, human, AU, backstory, which actually means William/Liam. With like, poetry reading. )

WARNING: please don't read if it squicks you. Please defriend or go the hell away if it offends you.

8. For Kita and Stoney: a part of some Connor/Angel I'm never going to do anything with. )

eta: I'm a dumbass and posted the wrong versions of some of these. So, sudden editing. Oops.
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It's all about how they look!

Either this stuff gets off my chest, or I make accomodation for my new cleavage. )

And now for something completely different. Or okay, tangentially related, but not really.

I want to do a Bad!fic Ficathon. Actually, I want to do a Reclaim Fandom From Its Percieved Takeover By What You Percieve As Bad!fic Ficathon. RFFIPTBWYPABF!F for short. It's not about writing bad!fic, though that would be fun. It's taking an idea that you personally think can only end in bad (start with bad! *snorfle* I'm so clever!) and making it good.

Because I actually don't believe there are bad ideas, only bad writers and bad execution. I want to see writers:
a. write something they've seen and sneered at, or thought couldn't be done well, but then DO IT and DO IT WELL,
b. write utter crack, UTTERLY CRACKTASTIC CRACK, and make it wonderful and beautiful and something everyone would love reading, and not through the powers of Xander's Magic Cock, but through powerful writing and plot and thought even if Angel IS wearing a toutou as Spike foresaw in "In The Dark," or
c. write some other thing that takes ideas and methods that you consider "bad" and uses them for good.

(On that last one: for instance, I'm dying to write this fic where Spike gets trapped in an AU where he's a princess and beefy Angel is beating him black and blue with omg, alliteration, where the Real Angel is forced to go save Spike. Of course, the Real Angel would only point and laugh and keep Spikella on picture-in-picture with a hockey game, and point and laugh some more while drinking otter blood in a leather chair. BUT OTTER BLOOD IS NOT THE POINT! I WOULD MAKE ANGEL SAVE THE PRINCESS AND I WOULD MAKE IT GOOD!)

So, um, anyone interested?

ETA: I should add, I don't enter ficathons. I can't. It's beyond me. But I would run one. How hypocritical and perverse is that?
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Some things you just need to get off your head.

More fandom things that won't go away. )

There. All better.
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These are not New Years Resolutions. No way I'd be able to write all these fics in a year. Also, no way I'm writing all these fics, period. I love starting fics, thinking about them, filling up that blank page, but I have serious trouble getting through the middles and especially ending them. Usually, the less ideas I have for a fic the more likely I am to write it, because if I've thought about what's going to happen, etc, half the fun is already used up. But because it's New Years, and because I like looking at them,

here's a list of fics ideas I'd like to write. )


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