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Nov. 28th, 2010 12:00 am
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What am I supposed to do with myself now?

This is by far and away the best television show I've ever seen. I don't mean my favorite--it's up there, but I probably love BtVS and A:tLA as much. But I've never seen anything as well done as The Wire, and I have this dreadful feeling I'm not going to again.

Someone please hold me.
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This actually has nothing to do with the recent drama.

I have a confession to make. I'm a genius. But I'm really tragically stupid also.


In other news, The Sound of Music in Sparta. (link courtesy [ profile] imnotacommittee.)
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Does anyone know the word limit for posts on lj?

I love . . . )

That is all I have for now.
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-Is it so wrong of me to want a story with Connor and Angel, where the young, hip barista thinks it so sweet that someone as young, hot and rich as the football-shouldered pale guy in leather still takes his 70-year-old blue-eyed grandfather (he looks like Peter O'Toole. Is that wrong?) out for coffee every Tuesday?

-There's nothing weird about wanting Faith to have a passel of brats and for all of them to call their mommy's best friend, "Aunt Buffy". And for mommy and Aunt Buffy every once in a while to kiss in the laundry room, Faith sitting on the dryer with her legs around Buffy, asking, "The sheets clean, yet?" Buffy pulling away and finding the fabric softener and saying, "Yeah. You cleaned up real good." See. Not weird.

-And if Buffyverse really were to go all Round Table, wouldn't Buffy actually be the one who's King Arthur? Is it so wrong that this probably makes Spike Guinevere? Faith would be Morgan Le Fay, and Willow is obviously Merlin.

-Spike, self-portrait.

Dana drew some pictures small,
scribbled her crayon Watchers.
They beat her, drew her blood
got dripped, down a line of Slayers.
Might've been Fred who drew her
out of hell, on the wall;
Might've been Xander who knew her,
Watched her crayon/pencil it all in.
Willow who fucked her, made her
over Buffy who made her fuck,
or Angel made her Dru.
And when you looked at all those pictures,
small, you saw
she drew them all of you.
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1. I love that song, Sexy Back, by Justin Timberlake. Almost as much as I love Draco Malfoy but it's even more confusing and twice as shameful. *hangs head; feels alone*
2. I didn't know All Along The Watchtower. And yet I <3 Dylan.
3. I recently got Loudon Wainwright and Warren Zevon mixed up.
4. I love that song, Careless Whispers. You know, the one they play in the dentist's office, the "I'm never gonna dance again / guilty feet have got no rhythm" one. George Micheal, I guess. The one redeeming thing about it is I love the Ben Fold's/Rufus Wainwright version, not so much the original.
5. I didn't know "Because" was by the Beatles.
6. I wanted to use a lyric from "Teach Your Children" for a title of dirtybadreallyreallyreallywrong pornfic.
7. I listened to Pop Goes My Heart on the way to work today and was loving it so much, I was constructing a Angel/Buffy, Angel/Cordy, Angel/Connor vid in my head. About Angel's heart going pop. Yeah. That.
8. In fact pretty much all I think about when I hear songs these days are, would that make a good vid? or: would that work in a character mix thing? I have a really great Irish sea chanty thing by Ween that so needs to be Liam's theme song.
9. I burned a cd for [ profile] seraphcelene, but I haven't sent it to her yet. Three months ago I also burned a cd for my s-i-l. I haven't sent it to her yet.
10. I lose at music! I really really lose. I never know what's going on. Unless [ profile] stoney321 put it on a Connor mix.

eta: 11. And yesterday, as I was shocked to discover, I don't even own a Sound of Music soundtrack. Huh?
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I've been compiling this. Who knows why? And I'd love to see yours.

Some of these, I just think the actor him/herself has a sexy voice, but this is listed according to character because some do different voices for different characters, or get better voices later on in life, and so specific characters come to mind. This was odd to do because I find some accents sexy, and it's difficult for me to separate the voice and accent*--I really wanted to do just voices, here. Also, I love unusual voices, but while some are exceedingly interesting, they're not what I consider sexy--I really wanted to do just sexy, here. I've always found men's voices far more appealing than women's. It's not because I don't love my vagina! I love deep, gravelly voices, unusual voices, and low, smoky female voices (in that order) the most. It was hard to put these in order, so some I'd interchange with others.

*For instance, Lucius Malfoy: Jason Isaacs, in Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets. Is it the accent? Or the voice? Or just the fact that he's a snobbish assholic bastard? Answer on my desk in essay-form by Thursday, kthx.

My list of the fifty sexiest fictional character voices in movies and television. Actor and work in which character appears follow. )
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How much do I love that all the lovin' broke the love meme's back? You can't comment there any more apparently, but I wanted to say thanks, for including me on there (that was very unexpected and new!) and that I'm very sorry I didn't get to splooge on some of you, and especially sorry that I didn't get to put up the name or leave comments for a few of you who were all over the place leaving love. Just know I <3 you, and you made my day today, either way. You all make this place warm and fun and a respite from the cold, the nasty, and the absence of "Bones".

As you may or may not know, I like polls. Not just because they're fun to think up and make, but because I learn so much from them. Below are six things I've learned from people, just by them filling in that text-y box on my polls!

-One billion people live in China and not one of them is named Bubba.
-I really don't particularly give a fuck about ships, but I don't like Spike or Switzerland.
-Everyone in VM fandom is made of cabbage.
-Tripzan is a pancreatic enzyme.
-The problem with Spike/Xander is that Xander's cock is only half as magical as Angel's.
-My head hurts, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus.

Now, these six people made the statements above. Try to guess who made which statement. You know you want to. I'll give you a gold star if you win. [ profile] rainkatt knows I have that gold star just waiting to be used.

[ profile] ljgould
[ profile] germaine_pet
[ profile] lostakasha
[ profile] frimfram
[ profile] ely_jan
[ profile] ravenwings_7
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Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Thank you so so much to [ profile] ros_fod for the lj virtual gifty, and anon. for the other virtual gifty (who are you, zomg!). I just love that 'cause I never got any before and it's such a surprise to see them whenever I open my user page! And thanks to [ profile] chrisleeoctaves for the card, and [ profile] imnotacommittee for the card and vampire captain! And thanks a bajillion to [ profile] kita0610 for the chocolates--you found the way to my heart (well. The other way is through vampire porn. The other other way is through my superior vena cava. And stuff.)

Um, no one recieved anything seasonal or holiday-y from me. But, if I have your address, please don't think it's weird if you recieve a really random gift in January or February or March. Or anywhen. 'Cause I meant to do some stuff and didn't have time. 'Cause, hey, you know what? I GOT A JOB. Yay me! It's a sucky job because I sit around, but good because I sit around--still don't know if I can go online, but I can write, and read. And that's important to me because professional goals and personal preferences and grad school and also lots and lots of fanfic all involve writing and reading. So, that's what's been up with me!

That, and I got a Claddaugh ring for Christmas. I am SUCH a cheese. You could cover it up by saying, oh, it's a nice piece of jewelry and blah blah blah, but you'd be wrong. The ONLY reason I wanted it because I'm such a sappy B/Aer, and every time I look at it I think of that stupid stupid dock scene and get such a freakin' happy.

Love to you all, and have a fabulous rest of your year.
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Hi I'm sort of alive!

So this past week has been pretty crazy. If you posted something chances are I didn't read it, but don't link me to it now 'cause ... I still won't be able to read it.

But I'll be ghosting about, and should be back regularly by next week. Then I can read the rest of the IWRY Marathon stories, reply to emails, read fics, leave fb, and dump wild and crazy meta on you that's been stewing forever, and possibly also that cracktastic Spangel thing.

But for now, lots of family and lots of food and lots of stuff and lots of driving later, I have those strange intersections of family, friends and fandom to share. TKFamily Holiday Hijinks )
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C. Happy birthday to [ profile] stultiloquentia! She's an excellent writer and thinker and wit, and she makes me incredibly happy when ever I see her soup can. That was not a dirty innuendo.
I. The IWRY Marathon kicked off today! The story is Letters, by Jo ([ profile] librarian2003). I haven't read it yet, but I'm really excited because Jo's a fabulous writer. She's one of the first Jossverse fic authors I've ever read! So hop to it, kids!
N. Tomorrow [ profile] lostakasha posts. She wrote B/A, y'all. I'm aquiver with excitement.
D. Does anybody know what happened to Spy!Daddy? I mean, that show, Justice, that used to come on after Bones?
E. Speaking of Bones, this ep was a little hard to watch for me because sometimes every woman I know seems so intent on changing themselves, especially getting thinner. It makes me sad. Also, I'm doing this writing thing where I have to do body modification research, and it's really icky. Like, some of the photos I looked at, with men and 19" waists. I think that's why I'm nauseous.
R. On the other hand, DB. Fuck, that man's arms. No, seriously. I'd do 'em.
E. S4 of AtS OWNS me. It owns me like an owning thing. And long, woe-is-me, what-am-I-now, on-and-on, in-the-church monologues, which JM and that whole scene just, I'm sorry, utterly lamed up for me, VK and that whole other scene made shiny and new for me.
L. Did you guys know T.J. Thyne (Hodgins from Bones) was on AtS?
L. I hate Angel's hair at the beginning of S5. And his clothes.
A. On Oprah, Denzel Washington talked about the art of a single perfect tear.
! Do you guys think Baltar, Joaquin Phoenix, and VK have an uncanny ability to cry?
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L. Hope no one was trying to fly out of the country today. The news is always so fuckin scary, man.
I. I've been in Austin for a week or so, and will be in Florida next week to help my brother and s-i-l move. So I've been kinda spotty on the lj thing. I've missed some comments, whatnot--I'll be getting back to ya.
N. Did you miss [ profile] stoney321's post about the president of a gardening company using its mailing list to encourage bigotry? Did you go to the website for the company to politely (hopefully articulately) protest? Did anyone write Adam/Steve fic? Anyone?
K. Test the Dixie/Yankeeness of your speech. You know y'ant to.
S. This game is freakishly addictive.

And now for fandom fun... )

ETA: "The word deadline first appeared as an American coinage that referred to the line around a military prison beyond which soldiers were authorized to shoot escaping prisoners." Think about that next time you're late on a project, MM & Mmes!
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[ profile] spuffyduds margaritas my Mexican dinner*. She's writing limericks. *whimpers with joy*

But anyway the point of this disturbingly affectionate and even more disturbingly spontaneous post is this drabble. How come I didn't write that?

Also, it's because I've been meaning for a while now to wave my cane and yell at you hoodlums to stop saying things like, "She couldn't say why; this was something she just had to do." Because that means in bad-author-speak, "Yeah I don't know where I'm going with this."


Which just kills a lot of the affection and spontaneity, really.

*edited for artistic purposes.

ETA2: 2am is apparently equal to crack in la vie de TKP. This is why I am not a spontaneous poster. Did you see how I deleted the other post that looked exactly like this? Another thing, kids. I'm getting tired of "straining against the confines of his pants." THINK OF A NEW PHRASE. Or. Possibly. GO WRITE LIMERICKS. And never share them.

ETA3: 3am, and all's well. Fanfic writers of the world, Michelangelo's David is very beautiful, yes. But keep in mind, if you must excessively liken Angel or Spike or who have you to him, he had a rather small schlong. Last bit, I promise.

ETA4: I lied. Right to your faces. My hair looked fabulous today, and McDonald's now has chicken biscuits like Chik-fil-a. It will be seven in 3 hours and I can go get some. I think I might need coffee, just a wee bit. Dude! Remind me never to make posts late at night, ever. Go read [ profile] spuffyduds's drabble.
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P. tkFamily watches Bones. )

U. In other news, [ profile] violaclaire had an interesting question about conscience in Jossverse, which I felt I couldn't answer adequately because I know nothing about sociology. I actually know very little about anything, despite the fact that I got a BA and thought I was smart.

N. (Got another rejection today).

J. Moving right along, tkp is love is Victorian porn, for your viewing pleasure. )

A. Have you read an Arbiter of Quality review? [ profile] angelbuffy0 was linking them for a while. Why reading this guy feels like watching the shows again and keeps my love alive. )

B. Meanwhile, in case you missed it, a bit ago [ profile] rahirah informed fandom that these titles are off limits. Heed her or SPIKE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN. IN MANNER OF KEN DOLLS AND OZ. watch out the little people can be scary. Mwwahahahahahah!
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S. Hello fandom! *waves enthusiastically*
P. Whoever recced my fic 5 Ways NFA Probably Didn't End at BBF has my thanks. So, thanks.
A. Go read [ profile] a2zmom's fic, Faithless. It's B/A/(F), or possibly B=F/A, or possibly A+F=-B, the sum of which equals hot.
N. [ profile] entrenous88 is writing Buffy/Connor; it's like she read my mind, ripped all the pages out, made them into tiny sea-worthy boats, said, "I can do better!" and did, right here.
D. [ profile] crazydiamondsue has more Xander shaped love, which you should all go read, because Xander is an unsung hero, except for all the times we get up and sing about him at the top of our lungs with bawdy lyrics and possibly spit on the audience, which should really be attempted more often.
E. [ profile] viciouswishes is asking about dating fanfic on archives, because internet dating is really all the rage now, and [ profile] spiralleds is asking about writing longer fics because once, two guys were pissing off the side of Golden Gate Bridge, comparing, you know, as guys are wont to do, until one of them remarked, "boy, is this water cold!" And the other had to throw in, "and deep!" because length matters.
X. What was I going to say again? Oh, if your names is Ares, [ profile] l_aurens or [ profile] imnotacommittee I owe you emails, and will stare at the sendy button blankly for possibly weeks until I get back to you. But strike back at you I will. They call me Empire at the office. They also call me exceedingly cheesy. Plus, there is no office.
!. And a meme! )
(Like Riley, or possibly Flipper)

edited because I'm dumbasstastic.
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You may think that the cloying, syrupy sweet love from everyone and their mom is over, but you've forgotten unValentine's Day, which is today, and every single day for the rest of this year! MWAH!

So, hop over to [ profile] viciouswishes' post, and love on the important women in your life, and love on yourself, too. There should be more self-love in some people's lives. BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. YES, YOU. In capital letters.

Next, mozey over to [ profile] chrisleeoctaves and talk about romantic moments (and visit her links because hey I'm one of 'em; they must be good. See? SELF-LOVE!). If you're like me and just haven't had that many romantic moments, make up something. Like the time DB and CK were gettin' it on and called you up so you could listen? Yeah, that. Chris won't mind. She's a great gal and I love her and her B/A love.

Last (but not last. Remember, unValentine's Day FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE), take a gander at [ profile] crazydiamondsue's Xander love. Even if you aren't a Xander fan, even if you *gasp!* don't like Xander all that much, Sue will lock you in a room with him and possibly Angel and make dirty!bad!things happen to you until you admit he has his nice qualities. I've always liked Xander, but she seriously stokes the love, man.

Thanks to everyone who made the day brighter by spreadin' the love. Y'all rock. And, because the world needs more of it: PINK!
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Some things you just need to get off your head.

More fandom things that won't go away. )

There. All better.
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How many posts have there been in the last few weeks about when/where BBM is coming out?

When even Heathbars in the line at the grocery store remind you of what you can't have... )

In the sequel:
[ profile] tkp reads the sequel to [ profile] crazydiamondsue’s “Rodeo” and feels better!
[ profile] tkp watches a Harry Potter Dance Troupe and feels better!
[ profile] tkp reads this about writing sex and says, Barbara Kingsolver, you sweet, innocent child, I hope you’ve discovered the internets since then!


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