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-Does anyone know what happened to panlexicon.com? That might be my number one favorite web site, but now my browser is telling me it's unsafe :o(

-I have been trying to update a story at fanfiction.net for like, the past week and a half. I can't get into either HP story I've posted there, but I can edit all my other stories. I emailed support twice, and they haven't gotten back to me. I don't really know what to do about it.

In other news housemate and I have written most of the proposal for our agent to send out to publishing companies. My life, I don't understand what happened to it.
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Is anyone interested in helping to beta The Way Down? Harry/Draco, around 70 K, NC-17 but not very often. I have a beta, [personal profile] scabbyfish, who is delightful and awesome. But I would appreciate another pair of eyes, particularly someone who:

-can Brit pick
-can edit for redundancy, clarity of ideas, AKA can reassure me that large chunks of narration are not needed
-understands that Harry probably doesn't gaze at his navel nearly as often as I gaze at mine (or gaze at his, for that matter)
-is good with story shapes and themes
-is alright dealing with a story that deals with mental health
-thinks that what I've written so far is at least sorta worth your time
-can do a chapter a week or week and a half (9 chapters, 70 K words, three chapters are done, which leaves 6 chapters and 45 K)

Some very nice people offered before, when [personal profile] alaana_fair so kindly asked on my behalf, but that was a while ago now and I don't know if anyone is still interested? While I'm sure there are spelling and grammar issues (aren't there always) I'm more eager to get Brit picking and someone to help me trim the fat, like scabbyfish. But I'll settle for Brit picking and someone who can do a chapter a week.
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So, I have this North and South fic. This is, of course, Victorian England. In my story, there's a character with a serious case of Orientalism. While this element is not absolutely essential to the narrative, I feel that it connects to important things about industrialization, capitalism, and class that I would like to address. Industrialization, capitalism, and class are probably not essential elements either, as it is in essence a romance, but imo the best romances deal with the ideals and worlds of the participants.

The problem with writing stories set in a time and place in which no one thought this was a problem . . . )

Here's where the request for help comes in. I had a beta for this fic, by name of kleindog from c-19. I don't know if she is on any of the journaling sites. If so--hi! I stopped writing the story, so stopped sending her chapters. She was doing a very nice job, but I realize what I want specifically for this fic is someone who feels in tune with this issue. There isn't always a way to please everyone, or be non-offensive to everyone. But I really feel like it would be nice to bounce some of this stuff off someone.

The ideal person would be familiar with N&S, period language, the historical context, how not to be offensive, Brit-picking, SPAG, being horribly ruthless to get rid of all my redundancies and awkward language, and would be willing. But I will settle for someone who is comfortable with addressing historical context and not being offensive, even if they don't know the canon, as long as they are willing.

If you don't match that description . . . do you know where I can go to ask for such a beta? N&S is a small fandom, which makes this particularly hard, but again, I'm not even concerned with someone knowing canon, although it might be difficult for someone to be interested in the story if they're not familiar with said canon.
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I am almost done writing the filthiest thing I've ever been willing to share with people whose faces I luckily can't see. Or at least around as dirty as Girls Are Great, which at least I tried to redeem with something like coherent thought. The weird thing about Sex, Lies, and Veritaserum (yes, I'm calling it that, and no, I don't care; I love James Spader) is that there are whiffs of coherent thought, but when I look at GAG (lol, acronym) next to this, I realize that there's just something in myself that would like everything neatly laid out on a table, where people agree, "Yes, this is acceptable," and then proceed to fuck on said table. And things fall off. That's exactly what this fic is.

It's the porn I mentioned in this post; I finally managed to write it by taking out everything that made me feel icky, uncomfortable, and unhappy, and also by turning off my brain and letting everything else go wild. It's Harry/Draco; it looks fairly long (between 10K and 20K; right now it's at 12K and my guess is 17K), and I'm almost done. It's dirty and pretty mindless, though a better word might be shameless.

The problem is I find myself again in need of a beta, hopefully one who can Brit pick. I can't ask [personal profile] scabbyfish because it's for her! Even though I don't know what kind of porn she likes. Any takers?
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Is there a way to filter your flist through the iphone lj app? I heard the app wasn't so great, but I broke down and got it. Since it was free.


Apr. 18th, 2009 12:02 pm
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I was hoping to spend my weekend researching this more, but today's the last day of my weekend and I know I won't get to it. So here are my dumb questions.

1) Those of you who do have Dreamwidth accounts already--it's because you were randomly selected in a drawing, right?
2) Do [those of you who have accounts] have invite codes?
3) What do I have to do to get an invite code from one of you?
4) Do any of you have the $200 "seed account"s?
5) Is a seed account the only way you can get an account that you never have to renew?
6) Can you get a seed account yet? Where? How?
7) What do you guys think about the seed account thing? Is it worth it?
8) If I get a paid account once the beta is over, will I get invite codes I can distribute to people?
9) On Dreamwidth, you can subscribe to people on lj and have their entries pop up on your viewing list, right? Do you have to create a subscription? For people to subscribe to my DW account, do they have to create a subscription? (The way I had to create a subscription for my ij on lj, so lj people could read my ij?)
10) If I got a different name on Dreamwidth, would you all hate me?

11) What do you guys think?

I'm still going to try to look into some of this stuff. Mostly I'm wondering what you guys think about your Dreamwidth account, and how to go about getting one myself.

ETA: if you're already over there, what's your username?
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I'm thinking again about applying to grad school, but there are several things I need to do first. One of them is figure out who the hell I can get to write recommendation letters. Most of my profs from undergrad won't remember me. The one prof I was very to died. I have another prof who could write a letter, and I my bosses at work could do one too. But I know it's good to have letters from school experience rather than work experience.

One thing I've thought about doing is taking a couple night courses. I could take a course in writing, which I'd like to work on anyway. At the same time I could try to cultivate a relationship with the professor, if that is possible at all, and maybe they will turn out to be someone who can write me a letter. But again, that's not the only reason I want to do the night course; I want to do something that will get me writing (more precisely, something that will get me finishing writing) anyway. If I did a night course in English it would be nice to get some essays written, too.

Anyway, my very stupid question is: . . . uh, what IS night school, anyway? I don't want to enroll at a school yet. But aren't there courses you can take at community colleges and universities in which you don't actually haven't to be a student? Aren't there some classes you can just sign up to take? And if so, how do you find them? Are they what is called "continuing education"? Can't you sign up for just one course without enrolling? And will you be with other people who ARE enrolled, or will you be with a bunch of other people just signed up to take that one course? And if the latter is true, will the course be crappy? Will it still be taught by a professor? Can you take a course in English or Creative Writing that isn't taught at a university or community college? Are those courses reliable? Does it depend on the course and the program, whether it's reliable or not? Why am I so clueless?
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And it's not the new profile page.

So, how do you lock all posts in a comm, so non-members can't see them? The only answer I can find on lj FAQ is to go into each entry and change the security levels one at a time (unless you have a paid account). This is fine, I have no problem with lj's lameness (yet). But even as maintainer of a comm, I can't edit other people's entries to change the security level. So...what? I have to ask them to go in and do it themselves? If so? That is. So. Lame.

If not...please halp? *puppy eyes*

I remember when pornish_pixies came back after being deleted, you couldn't see a thing going on in there! I can see some very dedicated mods going back in and changing all the security levels, but I highly doubt people posting in 2003 who forgot they even wrote it came back just to lock there Potter porn. Is it because that is a paid account?

Stupid stupid stupid.

In other news, America. *beams*
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] chrisleeoctaves. You're one of the warmest, kindest, most thoughtfulest, funniest, creativist, one-look-at-you-makes-me-feel-betterist,-even-though-we've-never-met-est people I know. Have a good one, toots. With CAKE.


Also, [dwight] question [/dwight]: Is it possible to post something on a delay so that it automatically posts in the future? For instance, for [livejournal.com profile] daily_words, I thought it'd be possible to make all the posts on the weekends and have the posts automatically post themselves each morning. Semagic has a queue feature where you can line posts up, and you can adjust the dates, but it doesn't post them on those dates. It just posts when you click "post" and the posts show up on the journal and in people's friendslists as if they were just made, even though the dates on them are future dates.

Pls I can has help?


SOOPER SEKRIT MESSIJ: HAI THAR [livejournal.com profile] jadntonic; YIS THIS IS ME!!! Can my cousin come with us Friday? She's 19 and just visiting. Will talk to you later.

LJ Comms

May. 15th, 2008 04:16 pm
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C. So the comm for learning a word a day is a go! It's called [livejournal.com profile] daily_words. It will start either tomorrow or the day after. If someone would like to make an icon with the words, "daily_words" on it, then I'd use that for posting on the comm so when you were scrolling through your flist, you'd always immediately recognize it (*looks innocently at [livejournal.com profile] late_heart*).

If you join the comm: remember, I'll always be looking for new words. Feel free to participate--or not--in any way you please. You shouldn't feel the need to comment on the posts unless particularly compelled, and if you have any ideas for the comm or things you'd like to see, please contact me!

O. Does anyone know the name of that LJ comm that sums up either meta or wank (can't remember which) in short snarky soundbites? All I could find was [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes, which I don't think it is because these aren't actual quotes. But each post is some quick meta rendition of a wank or discussion. Sort of like Book-A-Minute (which you should totally check out if you haven't seen!) So a post might go like this:

SVA: Wah wah.
Anne Rice: I have nothing to do with this, but also, wah.

MM. There's a meme going around right now where you're asked to comment with the lj name of someone in you think others might enjoy reading. I wanted to do that meme, except make it for comms (and not just for Jossverse). I find most LJ comms difficult to use. There are either too many posts with too much info/content I don't have time to peruse, or they die quickly and are never updated. Those with unlimited posting access for members lead to lots of random posts I don't want to read, but limited posting by mods is often too regimented or fails because the mods go off and do something else.

Anywho, comment with an lj community (or several!) you enjoy, and why you enjoy it. It can be in any fandom, or it doesn't have to be a fandom at all, if it's where you get your news, hometown connections, random artistic enrichment, etc. It can have a lot of members and posts or be nearly dead, just so long as you enjoy it.
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This year I am reapplying to grad school. I'm applying to all the schools to be admitted into two different programs: the Creative Writing MFA and the English MA. I feel like if I don't get into the former I probably have more of a chance with the latter. So far, the schools I'm applying to are:

Washington University in St Louis, University of Florida, University of Texas, New York University, University of Houston, Saint Mary's College of California.

I'm also looking into University of Michigan, Otis College of Art and Design, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, University of New Orleans, Emerson College, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, University of New Hampshire, Rutgers University, City College of New York, The New School, Sarah Lawrence College, Syracuse University, Ohio State University, Chatham University, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Carolina, Vanderbuilt University, Goddard College, George Mason University, Hollins University, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, anywhere that does MFAs in Creative Writing in Alaska, University of New Brunswick, University of British Columbia anywhere that does MFAs in Creative Writing in Canada, University of East Anglia in the UK, anywhere that does MFAs in Creative Writing in any English speaking country such as the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, and English MA programs anywhere in Europe, particularly the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Poland, and English MA programs anywhere in the world, including Argentina, South Africa, India, China, Russia, and Egypt.

Um, so. The purpose of this post is to ask if anyone has any advice on any of these universities, any of these locations, any English MA programs, any Creative Writing MFA programs, any grad programs, getting into grad programs, writing portfolios, and stuff. I'm just trying to gather any info I can on the process of choosing and applying, as I have failed so spectacularly in the past.

So how 'bout that Buffy 6 comic?
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Does anyone know the word limit for posts on lj?

I love . . . )

That is all I have for now.
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Thanks, Sue, for the St Paddy's e-card! *much love*

I got my laptop!

Vista: is very Apple-y, in that it's very "user-friendly" and never lets you see where all the files really are and where your computer does it's computing. Which for the most part is fine with me, except when it's not. It's all very pretty, anyway.

The "cancel or allow" thing is nice, actually, because too many times I open a .exe when I don't actually mean to, and I like knowing what my comp is running at all times. The problem is, it reminds me of the Mac commercial, which reminds me of the computer porn someone wrote about it, which just kind makes want to write smut. Mac probably got syphilis from that fic and then had a system crash. Your parents warned you about safe sex on the internets! or at least mine do.

Question: I had this client dl'ed on my old machine that allowed me to use all kinds of IM do-hickeys at once. I can't remember what it was called though, so can anyone tell me what they use and whether they like it?

I installed Word and World of Warcraft, and downloaded Firefox and Semagic, so I'm pretty much good to go. And write fic.
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...the whole five of you who would even click on a Harry/Draco fic, much less read one:

I seem to have found . . . 45,000 words worth of a crack, massive, lame, embarrassing H/D WIP on my hard drive that I don't see myself finishing, and yet every time I check it, filled with innocent bewilderment, the word count goes up another 5,000 or so.

I was wondering whether any of the <5 of you could:
a. explain to me how this got on my hard drive,
b. read it and help me,
c. shoot me now,
d. hold my hand and pet it while I dissolve into tears of despair and self-loathing, while not letting anyone involved in Jossverse know,
e. all of the above.
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Can you tell me what you mean when you say "bite the big one"?
And is it different from "bought the big one"?

Does either one mean to die? 'Cause. I need to make a fish joke.
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My Word docs keep getting . . . corrupted somehow. I'll save a file, and when I go to open it again, both the top and bottom have a lot of extra text that mostly seems to be about what directory the file was saved in. All the italics (and other kids of formatting) are lost. And worst of all, it's as if the text's been chopped up into chunks--sometimes cutting sentences or words in half--and then tossed like a salad, so that I have to try to figure out how everything fits together again. And some things are lost entirely. . . especially if I had the file saved, then went back in and changed a couple words, saved it again--even if I rename the file after the little tweaks. It's been going on for a while with a random file here and there, but lately it's been getting worse, doing it with every single file.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Does it sounds like a Word problem, or is it my computer, is it a virus? Any advice?

It's fucked up three fics so far, and one I'm not sure I can put back together again.

Also, every once in a while my keyboard just stops working. Everything else will work, but the keyboard is completely crapped out. When I reset the computer, everything works fine.
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Does anyone around write for Firefly? If so, do any of you have links to creative Chinese cussing translations?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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