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It's been a while, but it's the first of the month, and I have more questions.

Do you think Spike's duster looks like it fits him? )
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Sometimes fandom, lj, and people are callous and strange. And confusing. But I love them lots. Again. Still.

Anyway, back to Important Issues.

Do you think Angel is capable of another moment of perfect happiness? )

What do you think? Discuss, disagree, throw tomatoes, eat cheese, stare at your navel. Please.
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I have questions. You have answers.

You = Radio Shack )

That's all I got.

Happy unHalloween. It poured here. I was so sad for the munchkins. Except for the seven year old with the purple velvet hat who claimed to be dressed up as Pimp Daddy. Pimp Daddy had no need of my pity. I gave him lots of Reese's.
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I'm guessing it's a monthly thing. I have a word document titled "Questions and Concerns" on my hard drive, and I just keep adding to it. Sometimes these questions and concerns get addressed, and I delete them. Sometimes they drive me crazy. So I've posted them and people answered them and I got happy. And then the next day I had more questions. So, I'm just going to keep asking until people get tired of me ;o) If you're interested, thanks ahead of time for being my personal Radio Shacks.

First of all, why do some people call their lj-cuts fake? )
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About a month ago I had a bunch of questions. A bunch of people answered them, which made me happy, because now I feel a lot less ignorant. But I still have a lot of questions about lj and fandom. Almost all of them are opinion questions, because I'm interested in general consensus. I'm not looking for anyone to form my opinion for me, but it's nice knowing what other people think, especially if there's some sort of group opinion (again, not that I'd be swayed by group opinion). For instance, the question about Holtz? I'd be so comforted if a large body of people could answer "no" to that question.

More questions I haven't been able to answer )

'k. That's all for now. Thanks.
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Usually I don't ask questions in public settings. I'm shy and also very arrogant; I like to think I know stuff or can find out on my own. But these things have been bothering me, and while I think a few things might be answered by digging through people's old entries or some FAQs, I'd love some answers (and opinions. Some are about opinions. Not the one about Buffy's natural tufted treasure, though. That has to be fact).

Everything I've wanted to know but've been too afraid to ask... )


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