Mar. 17th, 2014

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A while ago I decided we should do something with our bar. Like maybe mod podge it with a bunch of comics. And then [personal profile] my_daroga said that it should be the Avengers room. So we decided the dining tables should have four different chairs, and that each chair should represent an Avenger. Then [personal profile] my_daroga pointed out we have two bar stools who could be Hawkeye and Black Widow. Then I pointed out that the dining table should obviously have the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo. This story might only be based on a true story. It could be that all the things I said I thought up were thought up by [personal profile] my_daroga and all the things I said [personal profile] my_daroga thought up were thought up by me. Who actually knows at this point.

So we went to Good Will and bought four distinct chairs that we felt represented Avengers. They needed some work, which we thought would be a fun, cool project. Periodically we looked at them and talked about what we should do with them. And then we'd look at them some more and talk about it some more. Every once in a while [personal profile] my_daroga would say, "So . . . when do you wanna work on those chairs?" And I'd say, ". . . Some other time."

Meet my mom, the craziest mom on the planet. Guys, my mom is a famous artist whose ceramics show at a bunch of fancy galliers and the Houston Intercontinental Airport and win thousands of dollars all the time and stuff. But the thing about my mom is that everything she makes could win awards. She's a fabulous painter, cook, seamstress, carpenter, handyman, and . . . everything. I mean, she'll do things like decide the island in the kitchen needs a new top. So she'll make the tiles. Then she'll tile it. Then she'll soak the wood to bend it around the rim and affix the wood and finish the wood. She'll take about three days, but only because it took three days with the wood tied to the dock to get it bendy enough. So anyway she's kind of nuts.

Mom gets here for her 10 day visit (she lives in Houston so I only see her a couple times a year) and says, "Well, this Avenger chair project is going nowhere fast. Let's see if I can help." So she helps [personal profile] my_daroga and I with the Avengers chairs. We're still not done with the table, bar, and stools, but we did do this:

Avengers chairs. )


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