Mar. 20th, 2014

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Guys so I have this problem. I'm super excited about The Winter Soldier. And the problem is that my hopes are so high by my expectations are quite low. I really just want Steve and Natasha to be forever-bros; is it too much to ask; I guess it is, but it's all I want. And he tries to be all nice to her but she just looks at him a lot and tightens her mouth and doesn't say anything. And he guesses it's because she's Russian or something but he does stuff like invite her out for coffee and the thing is she says yes. He tries to make conversation but she doesn't say much, but she does drink all of her coffee, and kind of licks the rim a bit. And then he just wants to feed her and give her warm places to sleep, but he knew if he said that to her she'd look at him like he was crazy and he guesses he's just old-fashioned. And then the coffee shop is attacked and she knocks over the table to get behind it as a shield, but then when she sees her opening she steps on the edge of the table and then onto Steve's back because he's already bending over so she can use him as a stepping stool to jump on these guys and she tackles them. And when Steve and Natasha are done Steve gives her a hand up and then he says, "You have some . . ." and points at the corner of his mouth and she wipes the blood away with the back of her hand.

And then Steve pays for the coffee.

That's really all I want; is it too much to ask?


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